Amid all the reports of Facebook looking for a million bucks for video ads coming this summer, Twitter is also looking to get into even more into the video ad game.  Twitter is apparently talking to Viacom and Comcast about getting their ads on the site.  Twitter already has partnerships with ESPN, The Weather Channel, and Turner Broadcasting and are merely looking for more premium entertainment and news video to the social media site, and thus, more dollars.  When approaching cable behemoths like Viacom and Comcast, you’re talking about tons of networks and tons of content.

Twitter Makes A Play for More Online Video

And, Twiitter has already played with ads-within-ads, as Peter Kafka reports on AllThingsD.  Here’s a tweet he found from Turner for March Madness preceded by a Coke commercial (obviously using Vine):

So, Twitter is deadly serious about bringing video ad content to their social media platform.  Further, Kafka is speculating that Twitter can tell the networks that they can put their ad in front of key people who may not know about their shows.  How can they do that?  The acquisition of Bluefin a couple of months ago.  Bluefin’s specialty is collecting data on what people are tweeting about TV.  Although, further, many people don’t quite believe that data at face value.  So Twitter has some work to do.

Whatever the case may be, I think with the upcoming Newfronts, what Facebook is doing, what Twitter is doing, what Machinima is doing–video ads are going to be all over the place in 2013.  The question is, can brands make the content that makes it worth watching?  If they don’t, we’re going to be seeing a lot of “video ads annoy viewers into oblivion” type posts.