Twitter is flexing its video muscles again, just days after the social media site appointed a heavyweight veteran of YouTube to beef up its video offering. In a bid to make video content even easier to watch via its mobile feed, the site is testing a feature that allows Android and iOS viewers to play footage with just one click.

The New York Times is reporting that Twitter will give 60 major brands, including the NBA, access to the feature as part of its Amplify video marketing program. The new initiative, called in-line video, is being rolled out in response to feedback Twitter received on the click-through rates of video previews. The site confirmed that previews of video content led to a 3x increase in watch rates and it expects the preview plus one-click option to improve CTR even further. Vine videos already work this way on the platform.

Marketers and brands will need to use Twitter Cards to enable the feature if they want to deliver the kind of experience that viewers are demanding these days. You can see the new in-line video in the wild on a tweet from the NBA from earlier today:

Twitter also confirmed that it will be hosting video content directly from its servers  to allow for more speedy playback.

First Tweets

We know this isn’t strictly video related, but talking of Twitter, there’s a handy new tool out that lets you take a look back at your very first tweet. ReelSEO was getting ready for one of our first speaking gigs in the early days of the site. YouTube made its debut with a tweet about this video while Vimeo tweeted out about its other account.

reelseo first tweet


youtube first tweet


vimeo first tweet