Now, you can have a video play of all your best Tweets with the new #FollowMe app.  Created by Vizify, the new app can be edited to your satisfaction where all your best quips, photos, and videos can all be in one highlight reel, complete with music and everything.  Twitter is getting some star tweeters to show off the new app.  So let’s see what they did with it.

Kobe Bryant:

I know many of you hate Dane Cook, but here goes:

So, there are probably some decent uses for this new app.  I’m assuming the best one is going to be promotion: the people who already follow you won’t need to see the highlights, really, but they can share it with others, and perhaps new followers will be generated from the “best of” compilation.  Or, just in general, it encapsulates what you think of yourself in the current moment.