In a review of more than 616,000 YouTube videos from 375 mainstream video entertainment companies (including sports, television, film and gaming – but excluding music channels), branded TV Shows generated the most views and the most consistent engagement, outdoing their nearest rivals by a significant amount. Granted, a lot of it was re-purposed content and those big brands have an inbuilt social following who are willing to watch, share and comment on anything that’s released but the report from OpenSlate also confirms that these channels have a strong and clearly defined strategy when it comes to YouTube and the audience found on there.

The study found that the top 10 mainstream TV shows generated an average of 36 million views and 2 million YouTube subscribers per month and breaks these down by category based on feedback on professionally based YouTube channels from OpenSlate’s own video analytics data.

Highlights From The Report

  • More than 1 Billion views are generated against content for the Top 100 entertainment brands on YouTube.
  • The TV Shows category generates more success at converting content into views and subscribers on the YouTube platform than other mainstream video content producers.
  • The Ellen Show Channel is the most successful at attracting views and building subscribers. It has 6.5 million YouTube subscribers as the result of consistently publishing 8-10 clips a day when the show is in production (and 1-2 per day when it’s not in production)

youtube views

The Top YouTube Channels In Each Category

The study divides the shows into five categories: These are the top YouTube channels on each of those categories:

  • TV Shows: The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Top Gear, The X Factor US, The X Factor UK
  • Sports Teams & Organizations: NBA, WWE, UFC, Real Madrid, Olympics (official channel)
  • Studios & Films: Marvel Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures, Disney Pixar, Muppets Studio, UTV Motion Pictures
  • Video Games & Consoles: PlayStation, Call of Duty, Rockstar Games, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed
  • TV Channels & Networks: National Geographic, Comedy Central, BBC, ESPN, Disney Channel (Latin America) 


In terms of successful engagement with the audience, personality driven shows fared the best with channels in the ‘Studios & Films’ category doing less well due to lack of consistency and content. The TV show Channels had the most Twitter followers, while Gaming channels did better on Facebook.

Unsurprisingly, video content from the ‘Competition & Reality’ category claimed 46% of the total TV show views as viewers tuned into watch footage from The X Factor, American Idol and The Voice. TV Comedy Shows publish the fewest videos per channel, but have the highest view-per-video at 307,220.


You can get a copy of the report here.