I get all sorts of fascinating stuff in my inbox. Granted, a lot of it doesn’t quite fit into the coverage area here. Then again, a lot does, like this interesting bit of news I got from Playkast. It seems the TV auditions are now going online and social. It makes sense to me. Who better to decide the person to be the personification of our favorite fictional characters, than the people who have followed their lives all along?

Characters coming from books, comics and the like are ending up in all manner of TV and film these days. That’s not to say creativity is dead, though some films and TV have definitely tried to show it’s on the decline I think.

Playkast TV Auditions Online

Well, it’s not quite at that level just yet. Playkast is actually helping Family Feud find new families who want to be contestants via Facebook. It makes sense. You can’t fly a whole group out to the studio if you don’t know how well they’ll do. Hey, even game shows need interesting personalities. Plus, it could help extend the brand and engagement online.

Here’s some of the info I got on this new trend.

Playkast’s tech allows for interactive video engagement across social channels:

  • Creates a direct connection through video between the producers of a show and their most enthusiastic fans
  • Transforms the audition process into online entertainment, resulting in more video content and earned media for the show
  • Wraps video auditions in both a “social” and an “engagement” layer with voting and rewards. This promotes viewer participation and sharing.
  • Allows contestants to record themselves on webcam, upload a video file, or submit a YouTube or Vimeo video, all within Family Feud’s Facebook page.

Has it been hitting it off with the fans? It sure has!

Early Results 11/15 – 11/19 (5 days):

  • 100,000+ views of Playkast tab
  • 500+ video submissions (10x increase)
  • 5,500+ points awarded to videos
  • 1,200+ video shares (80+% on Facebook)
  • 40,000+ new fan page “likes”
  • 2070% increase above average weekly “likes”
  • Average user spends over 1 minute interacting with the page & watches 2 videos

Wow, that is definitely a quick uptake and some serious brand uplift and engagement increase. Who knew that’s all it took for Family Feud to be cool again, as opposed to the five hosts they’ve gone through in recent memory.

What is really shows is that TV studios can interact with potential contestants online and the contestants will definitely show some interest. It could also work to gauge interest in new TV game show ideas, etc. So it might even be a way to do some quite market testing on whether or not people would watch.

This could easily expand outside of game shows. Reality shows come to mind. While I can’t stand them for the most part, they certainly seem like a prime target for this sort of auditioning. Who knows, you might finally be the next Snookie… Personally, I hope not.

This could even work for some sort of new mix between TV game show and online participation. Imagine having your number chosen and ending up on the show live via Skype or some other live streaming video or video chat technology. I had some other ideas I was going to write but I think I’ll keep them to myself because they’re money makers. Cha-Ching. So shake off that tryptophan coma and get yourself on the Family Feud!