Social networks know they have the kind of audience reach and demographics that TV wants to continue reaching. Television is certainly on board with that given some recent deals. Now, even Tumblr is getting into the action and hoping that their audience an woo TV networks to work with them, like it just did with their new Viacom partnership.

Viacom, owners of MTV, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and VH1 to name a few, has signed an ad deal with with Tumblr that will see the media giant create content specifically for the social media network which will tie into campaigns on their channels. The two will work on landing some co-branded campaigns for the next upfronts in hopes of wooing some ad dollars.

It’s not a terrible idea given that Tumblr has an estimated 177M blogs. That’s almost one blog for every American watching online video per month.

It’s nothing new for Viacom as they have been active on Tumblr for several years already and have a reported 40 blogs and 3 million followers on the site. During the MTV Movie awards on April 13th the partnership will work on pre- and post-show content including animated GIFs, images, videos and interactive content in hopes of tying it all into the show itself and gaining some Tumblr user interest and perhaps some advertiser interest by showing the reach this sort of arrangement could have.

Viacom already saw massive interest last year during the MTV Movie awards when a reported 3M mentions were seen on social media consisting of more than 1.1M unique users. The Best Hero award saw 3.5 million votes as it was determined by fans.

Tumblr Video Advertising Potential

Does this open the flood gates to unending amounts of promotional, marketing and advertising content across Tumblr blogs? They are a video capable social network but are, if anything, fourth or fifth in the minds of most advertisers or marketers. However, if this Viacom deal plays out and begins generating buzz with TV advertisers you can bet there will be a rush of new content, partnerships and advertising going on.

All advertising on Tumblr is native advertising, because you create a blog and then create content for it marketing it to the masses as a way to connect with your brand and/or company. They do offer the ability to sponsor posts as well as be included in a curated highlight area. They also allow advertisers to get into the Tumblr Radar which is:

The most coveted spot on the Dashboard is now available to advertisers. Radar is a rotating showcase of exceptional posts from throughout the community, handpicked for originality and creativity. This highly-visible placement typically earns 120M daily impressions and drives huge increases in blog traffic and engagement. A sponsored placement gives you exclusive ownership of this above-the-fold space, and the opportunity to earn thousands of new followers, Reblogs, and Likes.

Now that TV is tied to Tumbler we will have to keep a close eye on it all to see how it goes. Are any of you using Tumblr and specifically, video on Tumblr, to engage with your audiences? Does it work? Have you got tips for everyone? Drop something in the comments and let’s talk about Tumblr’s effectiveness.