It’s pretty sweet that there are companies out there who can identify who your big subscribers are and who represents your top influencers: things that narrow down your audience further than just male/female and what country.  Tubular Labs, one of our sponsors at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, announced the public beta of their real-time audience dashboard today, one that will give you all the information you need to engage with your best fans.

According to Tubular’s data, early adopters of the service saw their subscriber base jump 30 percent in Q2.  This basically tells you what you’ve been hearing all along: YouTube is a social medium and you need to interact with your fans…and know who you’re interacting with in the process.  Here’s a new tool to help you with that.

Tubular’s New Real-Time YouTube Audience Dashboard

Here’s what Tubular’s new dashboard offers:

  • Audience composition and interests
  • Search comments of any channel or video to find influencers, questions, or keywords
  • Learn when your audience is active and get data that tells you the best time to post
  • Engage superfans and influencers in any part of the world
  • Find new collaborators and track the success of those collaborations and promotions
  • Compare growth versus peers

Here’s a look at the dashboard: tubular dashboard

What kind of audience you have:

tubular audience

Their insights page:

tubular insights


tubular engagements

You can currently sign up for a free plan if you have 5,000 subscribers or more.