Remember when I said real-time video ad buying was the future. It seems that Tubemogul agrees as they’ve just opened a self-serve, real-time video Ad purchasing system. Damn, I love it when a plan comes together. Now they’re not the only one, but they’re the one announcing new services today and so, here we are. Plus, take a look at their new look. Ooohhh…shiny!

Tubemogul did more than slap a new coat of paint on the site and get a spiffy new logo, their PlayTime service also expanded today to give you more, more, more…

The new PlayTime features include:

  • More Scale: Real-time, cross-platform media buying to reach over 90% of comScore 1000 sites.
  • More Reach: Every major format, including pre-roll, pre-roll with ad selectors, mobile, social media and in-banner.
  • More Control: Complete control on where ads run. Targeting by site, audience and geography.
  • More Impact: Automated optimization to where impact is greatest. Leading, real-time measurement.

There are some interesting things there so let’s talk about them one at a time.

TubeMogul PlayTime: More Scale

Time is of the essence and I often try to strike when the iron is hot over at GDN. If a review takes off trafffic-wise I get with the company and try to get an interview squeezed out within a week to keep the traffic flowing in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Being able to adjust your video ad campaign in real time and purchase placements in real time is definitely going to make your campaigns more productive. If you happen to see some content hit a particular site and you absolutely know they are accessible through Tubemogul you can drop in and get an ad placed quickly. Since they reach “90% of comScore 1000 sites,” you have a vast array of large sites to choose from.  Keep in mind that this is still really new, and they have told us that they are still are rolling it out.  According to Tubemogul, the pre-roll site list, for instance, is going to grow tremendously in the next few days as their engineers get everything live.

TubeMogul PlayTime: More Reach

PlayTime offers six different formats now when choosing a new placement’s ad unit and player:

  • Pre-roll: Video begins playing automatically with sound on when user chooses to watch a content video (we knew that really).
  • 300 x 250 Click-to-Play:Video served with large “Play” button over center of video. Users click on button to begin playing video with sound on.
  • 300 x 250 Rollover-to-play:Display ad where the user must roll over to engage. This is a guaranteed lean forward experience and provides one of the more engaging methos. Teasers, overlays and click-to-share buttons.
  • 300 x 250 Branded Autoplay:  Video plays above the fold, with the sound off, when the page loads. If a viewer un-mutes the video, it begins playing from the beginning with the sound on.
  • Social Media/ In-Game: Reaches people on social network sites and in games: teasers, overlays and click-to-share buttons
  • Mobile Click-to-Play: HTML5 ad unit designed for mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, etc. teasers, overlays and click-to-share buttons.

I don’t know that I would say that’s every major format. All of the in-banners stuff is 300×250. However, the pre-roll is said to also have ad selector available.

TubeMogul PlayTime: More Control

With the self-serve PlayTime you can go into the targeting and control the geography (US or Canada) and the sites you would like to hit with your ad. You can also choose a frequency cap per day/week/month from 1 to 100. This will limit the number of views per viewer for the ad.

On top of that you’ve also got budget and bid. I chose some gaming sites I had never heard of before and all of the US. For a $5 CPM max bid, it said I could expect 108 impressions per day. That didn’t seem like enough so I got rid of them and hit up The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper site. That had a lot more impressions available. So I did some basic testing. With a daily budget of $10 for a two-day campaign if my max bid was $6.31 I would theoretically hit my budget limit. $6.31 CPM max bid would net me some 1,512 estimated impressions per day. With a 0.1% CTR I could expect 15 visits from the ads and would reach 907 unique viewers.

That’s a lot of information considering I didn’t even place the ad yet. Then again, it’s all estimation, still, it’s nice to have that amount of info available before even putting the ad up. Far better than some other ad networks I’ve seen.

TubeMogul PlayTime: More Impact

Tubemogul states that PlayTime does auto-optimization. Since I was just testing with our account over there I didn’t really run the ad and campaign and so I wasn’t able to test that at all. I can only offer you copy from the press release:

Once a campaign starts, TubeMogul’s optimization technology kicks in, powered by over four years of video analytics insight. Utilizing real-time metrics like demographics, second-by-second engagement and social network sharing, TubeMogul automatically shifts spending to best fit placements and audience segments where the ad is having the biggest impact. Internal testing revealed the power in this technology: real-time buys optimized by TubeMogul’s algorithm delivered a 15.5% longer viewing time at
a price 36.4% lower than direct buys for the same set of sites.

I’ll try to dig up some further information about this for the Reel Readership.

Kung PaoTime! More Take-away

Once you build your ad and submit it, there’s an approval time of up to one hour where you would wait, losing precious potential reach of your target audience. So it isn’t quite real-time. It’s what I would call near-real-time in that there’s still this mmm... Chinese foodapproval process lag between creating your ad placement and it starting its run.

Tubemogul’s new offering brings it in line with what some of the other ad exchanges are offering in that you’ve got the power to place ads in near-real-time and have some estimates of how many impressions you’ll have and how much it will cost you as well as specifically which sites your ad will run on and where.

The system is extremely easy to use (which I had never done and which is extremely intuitive, I didn’t even bother with the tutorial) and you could have an ad running on some sites within an hour as the longest part of the whole process is the approval process as even uploading a 15 or 30-second ad would be about as long as it takes to eat a bowl of sticky rice with chopsticks. Nice, right?!