OneLoad, Tubemogul’s video distribution platform, has long been the premier platform for distributing web video assets to multiple video destinations with one upload. In fact, in the beginning, it was just called TubeMogul instead of “OneLoad” because it was the company’s main focus. But as TubeMogul’s branding emphasis has evolved with the rapid growth of their real-time media buying platform for video advertising, OneLoad may have gotten lost in the shuffle for some users.

So how to continue TubeMogul’s emphasis on real-time media buying while also giving OneLoad the room and attention it needs to grow and thrive as well? Easy: Split them up.

Today is now live, with its own unique identity and branding that is independent of TubeMogul. The fact of the matter is that most OneLoad customers aren’t also customers of the TubeMogul real time ad service, and vice versa. And anyone who is a customer of both has probably experienced some confusion as the branding got a bit muddled.

“The impetus for this is to give OneLoad its own identity independent of TubeMogul, a brand that shifted in meaning in the past year as our real-time media buying platform for video advertising grew rapidly with brand advertisers and trading desks. This will help avoid confusion between the two groups.

Nothing is changing other than where accounts live, and will continue to be developed by an internal team — a small “company within a larger company” — as focuses its efforts on making the world of real-time buying safe, effective and simple for brand advertisers.”  said David Burch, Director of Communications at TubeMogul, Inc.

OneLoad lets users upload a video once and have it syndicated throughout multiple platforms, and also carries its own analytics. The service will no longer be available at, as that brand shifts its focus exclusively to real-time media buying.

If you’re a OneLoad customer, you’ve probably gotten an email about this—or you soon will. The company has made the transition pretty seamless, and users should be able to just log in at using their existing username and password, and they’re good to go.

From what I can tell, TubeMogul isn’t selling OneLoad or planning to—though it would make sense to me personally if they ultimately did that–they’re actually pledging to develop and grow the service on its own. But splitting the services is really smart, and probably overdue. Head on over to to check it out yourself.