Tubemogul partners and the online video industry in general can rejoice! The dawn of a new era in video ad metrics has arrived. The new free metrics tools promise to delve into the depths of video metrics and pull forth more useful statistics as well as a higher level of accuracy throughout more than a dozen partner site.

TubeMogul has got the green light on implementing some new metrics coding that will do what we’ve have been calling for, directly track video viewing and return realistic numbers. Participating partners are set to include high fliers like DailyMotion, Metacafe and Brightcove along with and

No word yet on arrangements with Hulu, YouTube or some other big players.

We are told that the new TubeMogul metrics will track a wide range of factors that are important to online video including viewing time, geo-location and some interactions. Their goal is to put an accurate determination on what exactly is considered a view of a video.

“In the industry, this level of data was previously only available to large advertisers and top video destinations, and usually only for their own site” comments Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul. “We now track this type of data globally and are giving it away.”

By doing this TubeMogul is hoping that they will be able to start standardizing the wild wild west of video metrics. A precise definition of what exactly a view is will help both advertisers and media buyers understand exactly what they’re getting as well as close the distance between the various stats trackers in regards to numbers (not personalities).

Additional benefits of the new tracking service include being able to understand differing traffic patterns by geographical location and/or region. They’ll be able to see who really is watching all of that video online and where exactly they’re coming from.

They’ve also made the tool free, that means there’s no paying customers to keep happy by possibly over-inflating the numbers. This is yet another thing that we’ve had called for in the past and think is an excellent idea. Without the influence of money in the equation we should finally be able to get some realistic steps toward standardization of video metrics online. Plus since it won’t be survey or panel-based the numbers will be a direct reflection of actual traffic patterns.

Sure there are probably some that don’t want such specific numbers about their services being revealed to the public and advertisers, but if they hope to continue gaining ads and advertisers, we believe it to be in their best interest. They could lose some ad revenue, sure, but they could also show that they have very faithful followings for specific types of videos or from specific areas of the world which makes for some great potential geo-targeting of ad campaigns and happier advertisers.

This could be the shot heard round the world signaling the beginning of the online video metrics revolution. It’s definitely a step forward and a necessary one at that. Without standardization of what constitutes a view we can never hope to have complete transparency.

Larry Kless, founder of Online Video Publishing com, interviewed Mark Rotblat of Tubemogul back in March where he was given a bit of an advance scoop on TubeMogul 2.0.

Hey TubeMogul! Well played sirs (and ma’ams)…well played indeed!