Today, Tubemogul launched a huge enhancement to their OneLoad video distribution and measurement product and they are calling it “Destinations.”  What is it? Basically, it’s the be-all-end-all of video uploading and distribution systems, basically from anywhere, to anywhere according to Tubemogul.

What TubeMogul is now allowing users to do is to upload once and syndicate everywhere. In fact, they say that it can upload the video to any custom site and not just OneLoad sites like YouTube, MetaCafe and Brightcove. The system will automatically transcode the video as required once you have set up the proper parameters in your account.

How it works

What you do is set up specific, customized video distribution profiles. The TubeMogul system will then take any video you have uploaded and transcode it to the necessary format prior to distributing it to these custom sites, all in a matter of minutes. They say seconds but I’m the skeptic. Many sites are already in the system including iTunes. What the system will allow you to do is to set up all of your distribution channels once, then simply upload a video to them. The profiles can include video sharing sites, content delivery networks (i.e. Edgecast), cable outlets (i.e. Comcast On-Demand) and more. The system also features the ability to create custom feeds for iTunes and other MRSS feedreaders.

No longer do you now need to maintain multiple formats or upload profiles on your local computer. No longer do you need to spend time transcoding or uploading multiple times. Essentially, TubeMogul is hoping to be your only source for all your video distribution needs. Surprisingly, it’s free (if you host your files) and they will soon offer a premium service where they host them.

Classic children’s television producers Syd and Marty Krofft jumped at the chance to beta test TubeMogul’s Destinations for episodes of their television shows.

“Transitioning from television clips to detailed file requirements initially looked daunting, but TubeMogul made it effortless,” they said.

The whole do-it-yourself arena just got a huge boost I think. Plus, now more than ever before it’s going to be easy for you to go those videos out to the places where people will see them.

If you want to take deeper dive into this new feature and see how it works, check out TubeMogul’s How-To-Guide.