TubeMogul is a video advertising platform, which helps brands and companies leverage the power of video ads in a variety of formats across the web. And today they’ve announced a new development: the release of private exchanges–something that is new to the world of online video advertising despite its widespread use in the display ad market.

Most higher end broadcasters are entirely sold out of their advertising inventory–there’s no more space. Which leaves agencies and ad-buyers in a bit of a pinch. Often they’re forced to turn to less desirable broadcasters or lower-rated content.

The private exchanges from TubeMogul aim to change all that by offering a chance for broadcasters and advertisers to hook up privately through a sophisticated online system. Under the new program, which is still in a private beta test, publishers will be able to give advertisers the kind of ad targeting that real-time media buying affords.

Here’s IGN’s Vice President, Bernard Ho on the new system:

“We like the way TubeMogul is thinking about how to move the industry forward. They understand the video ecosystem and are smartly applying the advancements created for standard display without replicating the downside for publishers.”

According to the release, every aspect of the transaction is customizable:

“For instance, broadcasters can bundle shows together to give existing advertisers (i.e. TV buyers) ‘first-look’ impression packages at pre-negotiated prices before selling to a broader pool of advertisers. Or they can set aside some inventory for peak periods like holidays or presidential elections, placing a CPM floor and letting a large pool of advertisers bid against each other to buy specific audiences.”

You can probably expect some changes in the private exchange system, since TubeMogul says there are several major brands acting as guinea pigs. Their feedback will likely result in improvements and tweaks before private exchanges are rolled out for everyone.