Ready for a regular weekly deep dive into the latest YouTube marketing tips? TubeTalk is an audio (yes, audio – more on that below) podcast show where each week, our experts offer up and discuss three unique YouTube marketing tips. For our 18th episode, we are excited to tell you we’ve teamed up with ReelSEO and we will be publishing the all-new ReelSEO TubeTalk show, each Wednesday! On this week’s Tube Talk Show, we talk about how to engage viewers outside YouTube, clear your watch history, and we discuss the importance of official series playlists.

Now, I know some of you are going to ask why audio and not video? Well, many of our subscribers listen on their daily commute to their jobs in the online video industry and a podcast is the perfect way to catch up on some invaluable advice. We keep it short and to the point while giving you all the info you might need.  If you want video, we’ve got that too!

TubeTalk Hosts:

Tip #1: 4 Ideas for Engaging Viewers Outside YouTube

Tim says diversifying your audience lowers the risk of depending on just YouTube. And if you engage on other social networks you can build relationships with fans wherever they are, even if they’re not logging in to YouTube every day.

  1. do something different on different platforms, like vine
  2. Visually display social links as watermarks on YouTube videos.
  3. Post bonus content elsewhere.
  4. Entice viewers to join email newsletter.

Tip #2: How and why to clear your watch history?

Sometimes, it’s helpful to know your watch history. For instance, what if you can’t find that video you watched a while back. Well, you can go to your YouTube watch history and find it. But if you’re managing a channel, sometimes the watch history can also be embarrassing, particularly if you’re managing a very respectable web presence and you forgot to toggle out of your client’s account before you watched that video about Kim Kardashian’s love life or that Myley Cyrus twerking video.

Unfortunately, when your client logs into the account, they will see the account’s recent history at the top of the page. Only the account manager or owner sees this, not the viewers, but still it can be embarrassing. So how do you delete your history?

Go to and you will see a history of all your videos. You can do a few things on this page. Much like your browser history, you can see whatever videos you’ve looked at. Also, you can select videos to add to playlists, you can delete individual videos, remove some or all videos, tag videos, and pause watch history (which basically says to YouTube: please don’t track me anymore).

Tip #3: What is an “official series playlist” and why is it important?

  • If you have serialized content, it helps to have it in a series playlist. A video in a series playlist can only be in that playlist.
  • Series playlists can also sometimes help with getting better placement in related videos, because you’ve aligned the videos.
  • Note: you have to have a verified account to have a series playlist. More here on how to “Create, edit and delete playlists.”


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