The online video gaming industry is growing larger by the day and Google are now offering publishers the chance to earn extra revenue with the introduction of TrueView video advertising. Google are rolling out skippable instream ads, as seen on YouTube, for gaming networks and these will be available via the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (for HTML5 and Flash games) as well as through AdSense for Games, AdX and selected accounts on AdMob. This means that advertisers in that sector can now offer skippable Trueview ads alongside a range of other ad formats currently in use such as overlays. Viewers can skip the ads after 5 seconds and advertisers only pay if the ad has been watched in its entirety.

In a blog post from the AdSense team, Google have confirmed that they have been working with the online gaming industry to reach a bigger, more engaged audience and believe that:

TrueView creates a better ad experience for gamers, and higher monetization for publishers

During the beta testing stage, Google found that TrueView video ads generally led to lower abandonment rates and greater monetization compared to normal in-stream video ads.

Rebecca Illowsky, Google’s Games Monetization Product Manager said of the initiative:

For advertisers, reaching users across screens and in different environments is one pain point, they want to be able to reach their audiences effectively using one platform. For publishers, they’ve constantly told us that they want the ability to tap into a large pool of demand from all advertisers, including video advertisers.


PriceWaterhouse Coopers has projected that online video games will attract $86 billion within the next four years, with mobile gaming growing to $14 billion by 2017.