Tribeca Film Festival is going digital with the help of Brightcove. The festival,  which runs from April 18 – 29 in New York, is going to use the Brightcove Video Cloud. It’s not just about the current festival content but also about the back catalog and expanding their reach.

The Brightcove Video Cloud will give Tribecahigh quality, HTML5 and Flash-based video content that works across desktops and devices and showcases this year’s films, interviews with artists and filmmakers, daily video highlights, panels and presentations, filmmaker bios, and a deep archive of past Festival content.

This is pretty cool. I’ve personally been to a couple film festivals and generally, you’re never able to even see all the films you want to. The fact that a lot of content will be online means that even if you are at the show and don’t manage to see everything that you were hoping you, you’ll have a chance to see it later. It also looks set to give viewers access to the panels and presentations which they might not easily get into regularly.

The big plus here is that it’s all marketing. They’re taking what is traditionally a physically-located, time limitd event and expanding it out to the world. That does several things; it does in fact increase its reach. Not only the reach of the festival itself, but everyone involved, every film being shown, every person talking on a panel or giving a presentation.

Film festivals have traditionally been the playgrounds of those who happen to live in the area or have enough funds to afford a trip and tickets, etc. Now, many can get some of the same experience simply by being online and having that makes the Tribeca Film Festival far more accessible. It also means that a far larger audience can be reached by some films that might not otherwise have received that level of exposure and for aspiring filmmakers and those involved, that’s a win-win proposition. The audience sees something interesting and entertaining and the creators get recognition.