There have been some big announcements about games tying directly into sites like YouTube lately. At first I didn’t think it was much of an interest piece here. But then I thought about it and realized, when I got another announcement today, that this was certainly going to be a trend that would continue to expand and so, since it ties both of my main coverage areas together, it allows me to do double coverage making all parties involved happy. Lights! Camera! Game On!

Quirky Turning Quickly to Cool

Video Games and online video are tying the knot on partnerships more and more often. A while back I played a Japanese import from Rockin’ Robot called Acceleration of Sugari X Edition which had a pretty good video capture and YouTube function that resulted in this video on the Gamers Daily News YouTube channel:

Yeah, I’ve got mad skills yo…that’s a perfect match, no damage on my end.

Uncharted 3 Heads into Uncharter Territory

Then, earlier in the week Sony and Naughty Dog announced that the upcoming Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception would have a range of built in social networking and video sharing via YouTube. USA Today wrote:

At the start-up menu, players can view a “feed” that shows which Facebook friends on the PlayStation Network are currently playing and whether they’ve posted updates or videos. Clips can be viewed without leaving the game. Previously, videos had to be handcrafted and exported for uploading to YouTube.

The so-called Cinema Mode has been updated and now will allow you to create clips from full multiplayer matches and upload them directly to your own YouTube OR Facebook account (or both).

In return, within the game there will be some video curation and Uncharted videos created by the community will come back into your multiplayer menu via Uncharted TV. That is pretty big news since Uncharted 3 is one of the most anticipated titles of the year.

YooStar on YouTube

Today I got a press release about yet another game and perhaps the most logical of them all, that will have a heady tie-in to YouTube. The game is YooStar 2, where you select a scene from a film and then act it out in front of your Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect or Playstation Eye (camera) the developers call it movie karaoke. The console game,Yoostar 2, along with the freely-playable Facebook game, YooStar Playground, are perfect candidates for showing off your stuff on YouTube in my opinion.

From today’s press release:

The move dramatically expands a social network that already unites Yoostar 2 game players on consoles with the free Yoostar Playground game on Facebook and YouTube…

Through the power of Yoostar’s social video platform, viewers can access tens of thousands of Yoostar videos on the Yoostar Playground and YouTube without a console game. Now, with YouTube connectivity, emerging actors can share their performances directly with the largest audience of critics and fans ever assembled.

The Future of the Casting Couch?

Could this end up being a major source for Jeremy’s viral video roundups? It might be. Could it also end up being a source for tomorrow’s online web series acting sensations? Might it even translate into big budget acting gigs out in Hollywood? That could truly show the power of video games and social media if it were to take place.

Stephanie Morgan, Vice President of Social Gaming at Yoostar Entertainment Group said, “Sharing video performances with the world is fun and when there are in-game rewards and benefits, the interplay can be exhilarating. Players confident enough to face the performance-savvy YouTube community will raise their rankings, climb the worldwide leaderboard, and possibly even become a real internet star!”

It almost makes me want to get the game and start brushing up on some scenes. Plus, think of all the aspiring directors and video editors out there that could take a bunch of these and put them together to form completely new stories out of the scenes. I hate the word mashup (because everyone uses it in music when it’s technically a remix) but this could suddenly create a massive amount of content for just that, mashing together stuff to make new stuff (I know, I use a lot of technical jargon…).

These aren’t the only games to jump on the online video and social media convoy. Trion recently announced that it’s MMO (massive multiplayer online) game, Rift: Planes of Telara, would also have built-in YouTube uploading. While it might not have the same impact as YooStar, it does show that the video game industry is learning quickly how social media and online video can strengthen their offerings and expand their reach and marketing campaigns and it’s all through user-generated content no less. Literally dozens of iOS games have ties to Facebook and Twitter but few to YouTube. I suspect that Apple’s Game Center will either jump on this soon or the game developers will start implementing video capture on the iPad which I think could probably handle small clips for upload to YouTube.

No matter what, it’s definitely Lights! Camera! Game On!