As a brand or marketer you need to know how your off-site advertising is performing so you can make the right decisions regarding your future digital marketing budget. Now Google Analytics are rolling out a new feature that allows you to track video ad clicks and impressions and the impact that has on conversions.

Taken from data pulled from the Google Display Network (GDN) advertisers can now confirm which of their video ads have been viewed on the GDN or on YouTube and see just how many of those ads drove visitors back to their website. Even more useful, the new feature will track unclicked video ads. Why? Well, a study from ComScore confirms that display ad impressions may have a greater influence on conversion than a click.

It isn’t widely available yet but those with access can enable the new GDN impression reports in Google Analytics, and gain access to new conversion data in the Multi-Channel Funnel reports (you’ll find this in the ‘Conversions’ section of GA). These are divided into ‘Rich Media Assisted Conversions’ and ‘Impression Assisted Conversions’.

Multi Channel Funnel Reporting

If you have invested in paid video advertising then it’s vital to understand the customer journey that ended in the conversion you are tracking – whether that’s a sale, a sign up or a download. And if the potential customer dropped out at any point, it’s equally as vital to understand why that might have happened.  The new feature shows both type of conversion metrics :

GDN Conversion Path

There is a further option to drill down into the report by ‘Interaction Type’ so you can see how many people:

* Viewed a video ad but didn’t click through (Impression)

* Viewed a video ad and did click through (Click)

* Came directly to the website after viewing an ad (Direct)

* Visited your site after interacting with rich media and YouTube ads (Rich Media)

Interaction Type

By separating out clicks and impressions you get more information about the customer journey.

The ‘Top Conversion Path’ report in the Multi Channels Funnel section will have two new paths which indicate either non-interactive display impressions (eye symbol) or interactive display experiences via rich media or a YouTube video ad (movie symbol).


So now, you can confirm which path visitors took to arrive on your site and how display impressions (on the GDN) are performing against rich media interactions.

Custom Channel Grouping

Drilling down even further, analysts now also have access to more custom segment data including ‘Video Played Percent’, ‘True View’ and ‘Above The Fold’. All three will give you a significant amount of feedback on your paid advertising campaign.

Enabling The New Google Analytics Report For Video Ads

The new feature is currently only available to a very limited number of advertisers. You’ll need to sign up online and wait for access (which, unfortunately, isn’t automatically guaranteed at the moment).

For further information, visit the Google Analytics blog.