We’ve been seeing top YouTubers getting TV deals over the last couple of years…and honestly I never thought about any other kind of “You’ve arrived, kid!” type of deals other than the jump into TV and movies, mainly because I think of YouTube as mostly an entertainment medium despite having loads more to offer.  But beauty guru Michelle Phan, a YouTube presence since 2007 with over 4.5 million subscribers, has launched her own makeup line, called em michelle phan.  It took her two years to create this new line, and well, “You’ve arrived, kid!”

Michelle Phan Gets A Makeup Brand to Call All Her Own

You’ll notice, even though she’s announcing a new makeup line, she still tells a story with it, giving it an emotional center: her “family” of experts who helped create it, and a shout-out to all the fans who made it possible through comments.  She took the feedback from her viewers to create the brand.

You can learn more about it on her website.