Who Were the Most Popular YouTube Publishers of February 2018?

Welcome to spring 2018! With the arrival of a new season comes the close of our final Tubular leaderboard from the winter months. In short, February saw plenty of interesting developments and accomplishments amongst the top ten most popular YouTube publishers, who as a whole generated 8.4 billion total views.

Now, I’ve been covering Tubular’s monthly leaderboards for more than a year, and honestly, this is one of the first times the results have surprised me. It’s not because there’s anyone new in the top few positions, or even that someone finally managed to bump T-Series out of its ever-dominant #1 title (that one will truly shock me). Rather, I was surprised because this is the first time I’ve ever seen five channels hold their exact same positions month-over-month, and they’re the top five creators, no less! Here’s what else I discovered when looking at this month’s most-watched creators on YouTube:

Ready to see who landed in the top ten and why? Let’s dive in.

Top YouTube Creators: February 2018

Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Video Creators February 2018 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content

Leading Five Creators All Firmly Held Their Own

YouTube audiences never seem to tire of international entertainment and music-based content, as well as children’s programming and wrestling videos. The top five channels to land on February’s leaderboard covered these genres, of course, but also managed to do something no other channels have done before in the history of Tubular’s leaderboards: maintain the exact same positions they had over the previous month.

T-Series, Ryan ToysReview, SET India, Canal KondZilla, and the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) all refused to budge in February, with not a single one of them ceding their positions from January to another channel. As always, T-Series claimed the top position with just over 1.9 billion total views. The wildly popular Indian music label even managed to improve its views over January by more than 76 million, while also bumping up its V30 from 1.9 million to 2.4 million! Can T-Series be stopped? It certainly doesn’t look like it from my end, which is why if the channel’s reign ever ends on my watch, I’ll be floored.

Next up was the much-loved channel Ryan ToysReview, which routinely produces millions of views each month thanks to its family-friendly bent and engaging style that undoubtedly keeps children’s eyes locked on the screen. In February, for example, the channel pulled in 898 million total views, placing it squarely in the second spot (or rather, making sure it didn’t move out of it). Additionally, Ryan ToysReview successfully managed to maintain its improved ER30 of 0.2x from January. This may not seem like a big win to some but definitely is for a children’s programming channel, as these normally don’t generate a lot of engagement because of the presumably younger ages of their viewers.

Then there was SET India, which came in third place with 858 million views in February. The Indian branch of Sony Entertainment Television should be very pleased with its #3 spot; in December, the channel was at #6 but claimed third in January after improving its views by around 150 million. Clearly, SET India held onto enough viewers to stay at #3 in February, as well. The channel also saw a small increase in its ER30, moving from 0.4x in January to 0.5x this previous month.

Sticking to its #4 position from January, Canal KondZilla pulled in almost 794 million total views this past month, but its biggest claims to fame are boasting the highest ER30 as well as the most-watched video out of all the top ten creators. The music and entertainment label from Brazil is frequently the top titleholder for ER30, and lately Canal has only been increasing this stat. In December, it had a 2.2x ER30, which moved to 2.3x in January, and now landed squarely at 2.5x in February. Additionally, the channel’s music video “Envolvimento” by MC Loma and the Lacração Twins was the most-watched clip across all of February’s creators and the 4th most-watched clip across all of YouTube in the same month, with 126 million total views to date:

And in fifth place, we can’t forget about the WWE. The ever-popular wrestling entertainment brand pulled in more than 730 million total views last month, giving it full rights to the #5 spot. And much like Ryan ToysReview, the WWE kept the same ER30 it had from January, which as 1.6x. This is a solid 0.6x better than the baseline average, as well as the second-highest ER30 of the top ten creators from this last month.

Music Content Is Working Its Way up the Chart

In January, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran was kicking butt and taking names — or views, rather. The release of a new music video will do this for almost any artist, which was definitely the case for February, as well. In addition to one popular Latino musician, this month’s chart saw a new brand which also focuses on music appear in the rankings, as well as the return of a familiar lyrical channel.

Let’s start with Ozuna, the Puerto Rican singing sensation who showed up on Tubular’s leaderboard in January at #10. February, however, was quite the different story; after improving his views by almost 104 million to hit 668 million total views, the musician successfully bumped his channel’s ranking up by three spots to land seventh last month. Ozuna also claimed the highest V30 of the top ten creators at a whopping 109 million, a good 103 million more than the next-best channel’s V30! What video has helped skyrocket the Latino singer’s success over the last month? As it turns out, it was views and interaction with his music video “El Farsante Remix” alongside Romeo Santos. This clip was actually uploaded in the last few days of January but definitely attracted plenty of attention in February, with more than 290 million views in that month alone and a total of 433 million views to date.

February’s most-watched YouTube leaderboard also welcomed newcomer Wave Music. Hailing from India and self-described as the “leading bhojpuri music record label” from that country, this YouTube channel generated almost 634 million views to claim the eighth spot on the chart. Wave Music was in 12th in January, which means it is the creator with the most improvement in views (jumping four whole spots) in February! With the widespread love of YouTube in India, it’s not surprising to see another channel from this part of the world appear on the monthly chart; it will be more interesting to see if it sticks around and if it moves up the ranks.

The last music-based creator on February’s chart was netd müzik. A long-time channel on Tubular’s leaderboards, this Turkish music label placed ninth thanks to 591 million total views last month. Since July 2017, netd müzik has claimed a spot in the top ten, and if the viewing habits of audiences around the world are any indication, this channel is likely to stick around on the charts for quite a while.

Let’s close out with some information on the final two creators on last month’s leaderboard: zeetv and Movieclips. The former, another Indian-based media and entertainment brand, improved its ranking by one to land at #6, all thanks to more than 687 million total views. The Fandango-owned property Movieclips claimed #10 with just over 570 million views, and also successfully improved its V30 over January from 72.9K to 93.6K, a difference of 20.7K! Overall, the February leaderboard displayed lots of accomplishments for many of the channels involved, and each is a success story similar brands can learn from and apply to their own video strategies.

Most Watched YouTube Publishers February 2018

  1. T-Series (1.9B Views)
  2. Ryan ToysReview (898M Views)
  3. SET India (858M Views)
  4. Canal KondZilla (794M Views)
  5. WWE (730M Views)
  6. zeetv (687M Views)
  7. Ozuna (668M Views)
  8. Wave Music (634M Views)
  9. netd müzik (591M Views)
  10. Movieclips (570M Views)

Tubular Video Ratings

You’ll notice some exclusive data in this month’s chart as we include Tubular Video Ratings, a unique group of online video metrics that set the standard for measurement of views and engagements across videos and publishers. They include a simplified first 30-day engagement rating (ER30) and first 30-day views (V30), and more information can be found here.

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