In the world of online video, nothing stays the same on a month-to-month basis. Inevitably, a creator or brand who was at the top of the charts the previous 30 days will be bumped off by another name who managed to grab the attention and engagement of online audiences at a higher rate than those around them. This cycle can be difficult to stay on top of, but knowing who’s ranking in the top ten most-watched channels on YouTube each month can be beneficial to brands and creators looking to understand not just their competitors, but also the current trends in online video and the preferences of its viewers.

As such, we work hard each month to provide you insightful data about the channels in the top ten spots on Tubular’s “Most Watched Creators on YouTube” leaderboard. This month’s focus is January 2017, whose top ten creators and brands pulled in over 5.4 billion views across all their YouTube channels alone. Here are the top ten brands for January, and what their success means for other creators and brands on the biggest online video platform in the world.

Top YouTube Channels January 2017

Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Video Creators January 2017 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content

International Content Attracts High Views

Of the top ten most-watched YouTube channels in January 2017, five of them come from countries outside the United States. These brands managed to pull in a whopping 2.9 billion total video views, which is over half of the total video views of all the top ten channels in January combined.

Most of these channels focus on entertainment and music, so it seems audiences around the world have been hungry for tunes. The proliferation of views on international content could also be attributed to other reasons (e.g. advertising and media pushes in those countries to drive channel views), but it’s no secret that while online video may be a big deal in the U.S., it’s become a huge phenomenon in countries such as Brazil and India.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the international YouTube channels which ranked in January:

  • The most-watched channel of the entire month, T-Series, hails from India and is the country’s largest music and entertainment label. T-Series reached a total of 863 million views across YouTube, and boasts over 20 million followers, subscribers, and fans across all social platforms. T-Series was also the most-watched channel in November 2016. The channel’s most-watched music video, “Atif Aslam: Pehli Dafa Song,” pulled in 28 million views alone, and 434,000 engagements.
  • Canal KondZilla placed 3rd overall on January’s leaderboard with 624 million total views on YouTube and a social reach of 14.6 million. The Brazilian brand focuses on developing music videos with a specialty in electronic music.
  • SET India is Sony Entertainment Television’s India branch, pulling in 573 million views in January alone to place 4th on the leaderboard. The Hindi entertainment channel, which was fifth on November’s leaderboard, provides a variety of content, including dramas, game shows, comedies, thrillers, and more, to its 9.9 million followers across social media.
  • The 5th most-watched channel in January was netd müzik, a Turkey-based channel which boasts music content ranging from pop to alternative. Netd generated 508 million total video views and claims 5.1 million followers on its social and video platforms.
  • Finally, Thailand’s Workpoint Entertainment YouTube channel landed in the 8th spot on January’s leaderboard for most-watched channels, with almost 426 million total views on YouTube. The media company produces TV shows, movies, music videos, and more to 12.8 million fans on social media.

Kid/Family Content Is Still Holding Its Own

Back in November 2016, five of the most-watched channels on YouTube created family-based content. The popularity of these channels, which appeal to young children and parents for their light-hearted unboxing clips, sketches, and sing-alongs, hasn’t gone away a couple months later.

This past month, three of the most-watched channels were Ryan ToysReview, Toy Freaks, and ToyScouter — all of which also claimed spots on November’s leaderboard. Perhaps it’s because children were still on winter break from school for a part of January (and consequently needing to be distracted) that these channels managed to rank as they did on the leaderboard, or their view success can simply be attributed to the fact that children tend to watch lots of videos on YouTube, letting the next clip play automatically.

Whatever the case, here are the stats for these channels from January:

  • Ryan ToysReview placed second, pulling in over 716 million views on YouTube. Its top video of the month, about a family trip to a children’s museum, saw roughly 13.8 million views, with an as-to-be-expected low engagement rate of 11.6k.
  • Toy Freaks bumped up one spot to ninth, up from tenth in November, thanks to more than 425 million views on its channel and an engagement rate of 70.2k. That rate is roughly 6x better than Ryan ToysReview’s, so it seems Toy Freaks’ audience is more eager to interact with the channel’s content than simply sit back and watch.
  • ToyScouter swapped places with Toy Freaks to claim the tenth and last spot on January’s YouTube leaderboard. The channel saw over 419 million total video views, and boasted an engagement rate of 26.3k. That figure is much lower than its November engagement rate of 52k (but this also proves, again, the importance of watch time and views for ranking in YouTube’s algorithm).

Top Ten Most Popular YouTube Creators January 2017

  1. T-Series (863M Views)
  2. Ryan’s Toy Review (717M Views)
  3. Canal KondZilla (625M Views)
  4. SET India (573M Views)
  5. netd müzik (508M Views)
  6. WWE (477M Views)
  7. Shakira (432M Views)
  8. Workpoint Entertainment (426M Views)
  9. Toy Freaks (425M Views)
  10. Toyscouter (420M Views)

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