As we near the end of September, that means summer is almost over, but unlike the seasons, the interest YouTube audiences have for their favorite creators and channels doesn’t look like it’s about to wane anytime soon. With nearly 7.5 billion total views in August, the top ten channels on YouTube enjoyed plenty of attention during the last full month of the summer.

As was the case in July, the leading brand on August’s top YouTube creators leaderboard pulled in over 1 billion total views in and of itself. And, also like we saw in July, this same creator increased its views month-over-month yet again, this time by a solid 84 million views. Of course, the top brand on August’s YouTube leaderboard isn’t the only one worth talking about; a newcomer to the chart saw a high 30-day engagement rate (ER30) of 3.5x, while the highest average 30-day view count (V30) of just over 8.5 million stemmed from — you guessed it — a children’s entertainment channel. Without further ado, let’s check out the creators who landed on the top ten YouTube leaderboard for last month.

Top YouTube Channels August 2017

Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Video Creators August 2017 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content

Music and Entertainment Continues to Reign Supreme

If you’re a regular reader of Tubular’s monthly leaderboards, you know that entertainment and viral content often performs the best on Facebook, while YouTube audiences are obsessed with music, entertainment, and family friendly programming. And according to August’s leaderboard, these viewing preferences aren’t likely to change anytime soon on Google’s online video platform.

For a full year now, Indian music label and movie studio brand T-Series has maintained its #1 position on the monthly leaderboard for top YouTube creators. In August alone, the brand saw over 1.4 billion total views, and as noted in the introduction, this was an increase of 84 million views from July’s count. The most-watched clip from T-Series in August, the Bollywood hit “Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12 Song,” generated 42.1 million total views, a good 21.3 million more than the next most-viewed video from T-Series. This music video also saw a first 7-day view count of 20.7 million and 224K engagements on YouTube in the form of likes and comments.

The continued success of T-Series shouldn’t be a surprise, especially to those familiar with the online video landscape. For the last few years now, India has grown to become one of the biggest internet and online video markets in the world. Roughly 180 million YouTube users per month hail from India, and 80% of these use the platform’s mobile app to view clips. All of this has spurred on not just the growth of the video content market in this region, but also contributed to the meteoric rise of Indian video creators, with 14 creators hitting the 1 million subscribers mark each over the last couple of years. It only makes sense, then, that T-Series would continue to do so well on the leaderboards.

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The August leaderboard for top YouTube creators of course saw plenty of other music- and entertainment-based creators, like Sony Entertainment Television’s India division SET India (again proof YouTube is a hot commodity in that country) and Thailand’s Workpoint Entertainment. Both of these brands are routinely on the monthly leaderboards, so seeing them among the entertainment channels shouldn’t be a surprise. But for August, one music name in particular appeared for the first time on the charts since their inception. This newcomer is José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, a singer from Colombia professionally known as J Balvin.

Much like how Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi landed on the charts a few months ago thanks to the popularity of his music video “Despacito,” Balvin is experiencing a similar surge in recognition because of his song “Mi Gente.” The tune, created alongside Willy William, was uploaded back on June 30 to Balvin’s VEVO YouTube channel, but views on the song picked up steam in August, with 318.2 million of the video’s total 805 million views hailing from the four weeks of August alone. Balvin also claimed the highest ER30 in August at a whopping 3.5x!

Other music and entertainment brands on August’s leaderboard had victories of their own. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Netd müzik, a music brand and company from Turkey, moved up five whole positions to land at #2 with a total of almost 795 million views. This was an increase of almost 134 million views over July’s count.
  • As noted above, Luis Fonsi arrived on the scene a few charts ago when his song “Despacito” took off. For August, Fonsi generated around 674 million views and the third-highest ER30 on the chart at 1.6x.
  • Brazilian music and entertainment label Canal KondZilla, claimed nearly 663 million total views to place sixth on August’s chart. The channel’s biggest win, however, was claiming the second-highest ER30 of all creators at a truly impressive 2.2x (that’s 1.2x better than the baseline average engagement rate!).

Family-Friendly Programming Makes Up the Remainder of the Month’s Creators

What would a most popular YouTube creators leaderboard be without at least one or two children’s content channels taking up a few spots? We tend to see a few of the same creators in this genre on the leaderboards each month, and August was no exception. Unsurprisingly, the three family-friendly on this newest chart had the lowest ER30’s of all the top creators; however, as we’ve noted in previous leaderboard articles, this is to be expected when children and parents tend to simply watch a lot of content but not interact with it through shares, comments, or likes.

Ryan ToysReview, the children’s content YouTube channel which has consistently placed in the top spots on the leaderboards since at least July 2016, worked its way up one position to land at #3 with almost 742 million total views. The channel also boasted the third-highest V30 of August at almost 4.9 million. Another familiar brand, Argentinian-based channel El Reino Infantil, also appeared on the leaderboard this month. In July, the channel reclaimed a spot on the charts after dropping off during May and June. This month, El Reino Infantil stayed on the leaderboard in the ninth position with 596 million views.

Last but not least, we have Learn Colors With. The Ukrainian YouTube channel passed up eleven creators and brands in July to land at #10; the brand held this same position for August, as well, with 582 million total views (an improvement of 9 million over July’s 573 million). Learn Colors With boasts August’s highest V30 at a significant 8.5 million (again, another improvement for the brand of 1 million over July’s number). The channel is obviously doing something right, generating content its audience wants to see on a consistent basis and convincing viewers to keep playing video after video. And the video Learn Colors With’s audience watched the most? That would be a clip of two children learning colors from lollipops, with 47.9 million views to date.

The YouTube leaderboard might seem repetitive, as month after month the nature and names of the creators are essentially the same. Really, only a few brands tend to dominate the top three spots on a regular basis, while the other positions are swapped between more familiar brands and the occasional newcomer. However, there’s an important lesson to be learned here, and that is the importance of distributing content where your audience spends their time. What works on Facebook might not work on YouTube, and vice versa. For the ten brands on August’s leaderboard, especially those who constantly show up on the charts, they’ve taken this digital video strategy to heart. Other brands should do the same.

Most Watched YouTube Publishers August 2017

  1. T-Series (1.4B Views)
  2. netd müzik (795M Views)
  3. Ryan ToysReview (742M Views)
  4. SET India (737M Views)
  5. Luis Fonsi (674M Views)
  6. Canal KondZilla (663M Views)
  7. J Balvin (638M Views)
  8. Workpoint Entertainment (596M Views)
  9. El Reino Infantil (596M Views)
  10. Learn Colors With (582M Views)

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