By now, you’ve probably broken out your autumn decorations and cool-weather clothes, or are working on ideas for your Halloween costume for that big party at your friend’s house. You’ve probably even enjoyed your very first pumpkin spice latte — or few! — of the fall season (if you enjoy that kind of thing). This is just what happens in the month of October, but you know what else happens? A new YouTube leaderboard is released, showing 7.3 billion total views on video content produced by the top ten YouTube creators in September 2017.

We often see the same brands and publishers appear on the YouTube leaderboards, but these channels have consistently earned their place through understanding both what type of content their audiences want to watch, and how to reach the most amount of eyeballs across the world. Sometimes, however, we get a surprise when the new leaderboard is released each month, and that was definitely the case for September. For this month, we saw three new faces on the YouTube chart, with two of them jumping at least 20 spots to land in the top ten! Additionally, half of all the creators in the top ten increased their standings by at least one position. Here’s which brands performed exceptionally well on YouTube for the month of September 2017:

Top YouTube Channels September 2017

Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Video Creators September 2017 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content

Family Programming Gains More Foothold on the Leaderboard

Professionals in the online video industry are well aware that certain genres or industries perform well on YouTube. Music, for example, has always been a top search term on Google’s online video site, as has gaming-related content. If our previous leaderboards are any indication, viewers around the world are also interested in videos distributed by entertainment companies (usually those based outside of the U.S.).

But one of the biggest sources of views each month hails from one particular area, and that is the family programming industry. Nearly every single Tubular leaderboard since the charts’ inception has had at least one children’s entertainment creator or brand claiming a top ten position. For the month of September, four out of the top ten channels were family-based, with three of these landing in the top five!

The most impressive success story this month comes from Vlad CrazyShow. The family entertainment brand, which claims to be the “best channel for kids on YouTube,” generated a total of roughly 757 million video views. This is about 182 million more views than Vlad CrazyShow saw in August, which means the channel moved up nine whole positions to place second on this month’s leaderboard! Not only that, but Vlad CrazyShow also claimed the highest average 30-day view count (V30) of 12.4 million (the next-highest V30 was 8.6 million… but we’ll get to that in a minute). Clearly, this kid-friendly YouTube channel has found what videos resonates best with families around the world and has ramped up its efforts in the last month to deliver this content and rake in the views. This clip, for example, was the most-watched video for Vlad CrazyShow in September with a whopping 84.3 million total views (nearly double that of the next most-watched video!) and a V30 of 82 million:

In third place this month was another family-based channel called Learn Colors With. Hailing from Ukraine, this channel showed up on the leaderboard back in July at #10, a position it held in August, as well. But in September, everything changed; Learn Colors With pulled in nearly 748 million total views, a good 166 million more than in August. So, much like Vlad CrazyShow, Learn Colors With passed up seven other creators on YouTube thanks to all those extra views this past month. Also like Vlad CrazyShow, this Ukrainian YouTube channel’s top-performing video had over double the amount of views than the next-highest clip (64.1 million views vs. 31.8 million). And remember how we mentioned the 2nd largest V30 for this month at 8.6 million? That’s another Learn Colors With claim to fame in September!

For the remaining two children’s entertainment channels on September’s YouTube leaderboard, we have Ryan ToysReview and El Reino Infantil. The former is almost always in the top five positions on each month’s leaderboard, and such was the case for September where Ryan ToysReview came in fourth with 721 million total views. As for El Reino Infantil, that channel saw 560 million views to claim spot #10 for the month. Across all four of these family-friendly creators in September, we saw low numbers for their 30-day average engagement rates (ER30), only ranging from 0.1x to 0.3x. But as noted in the past, this is typical of channels who produce content for children, since they often sit in front of a screen for long periods of time watching video after video but don’t interact with them directly. Keeping the attention of kids is the main factor driving the success behind these creators’ views month after month.

Taylor Swift, Thai Entertainment Skyrocket Their Views

In the last few months’ worth of YouTube leaderboards, we’ve seen a variety of musicians pop up on the charts all due to the release of a hit single or brand new album. Back in February, for example, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran placed in the top three thanks to the upcoming release of his new album Divide. Soon after that in April, Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonzi struck view count gold with his hit single “Despacito,” and consequently stuck around on the leaderboards for five straight months. Now, Taylor Swift seems to be following suit.

Swift jumped a massive 20 positions over the course of September to land at #8. Her 600 million+ views didn’t just come out of nowhere, though. Like most musicians who land on the Tubular leaderboards, their view increases hail from newly-released music, and in the case of Swift, this impetus was her hit single “Look What You Made Me Do.” That clip was released at the end of August, but several behind-the-scenes and sneak peek videos generated millions of views for the popular singer-songwriter. The hype from this song also contributed to the audio-only version of her tune “…Ready For It?,” which pulled in the most views in September at 27 million.

Next, we take a look at another creator who passed up at least 20 other channels to claim September’s 9th spot on the leaderboard. Ch3Thailand, a television and entertainment network based in that titular country, gained 21 spots this past month thanks to more than 568 million total views. The television brand’s top ten most-watched videos all came from a television series called Plerng Boon, which, according to Google, is a drama/romance/revenge story featuring a twisted love triangle. The show was obviously well-received; the top-generating video for Ch3Thailand in September was episode 17 of the series and saw 5 million views:

The rest of this month’s top creators and brands all stem from the entertainment or music industries. Many of them had great successes in their own rights:

  • As should be expected, T-Series firmly held its #1 position on September’s YouTube leaderboard, a spot it’s held for over a year now. The India-based music label and movie studio company consistently pulls in millions of views each month, usually hitting at least one billion. For September, the entertainment creator saw a generous 1.3 billion total views.
  • Canal KondZilla moved up one position to land at #5 thanks to almost 715 million total views. Similar to last month, the Brazilian music and entertainment channel saw the highest ER30 of September’s top ten creators at 2.3x. That’s an increase of 0.1x over its August stat, proving Canal KondZilla knows exactly what gets its audiences interacting with and sharing its content.
  • Hindi entertainment channel SET India, a division of Sony Entertainment Television, placed sixth in September thanks to around 666 million total views.
  • Netd müzik pulled in 650 million total views to claim seventh place, but engagement on its videos is what sets its apart this month. The Turkish music brand tied with T-Series for second-highest ER30 for the month of September at 0.7x.

Most Watched YouTube Publishers September 2017

  1. T-Series (1.3B Views)
  2. Vlad CrazyShow (757M Views)
  3. Learn Colors With (748M Views)
  4. Ryan ToysReview (721M Views)
  5. Canal KondZilla (715M Views)
  6. SET India (666M Views)
  7. netd müzik (650M Views)
  8. Taylor Swift (600M Views)
  9. Ch3Thailand (568M Views)
  10. El Reino Infantil (560M Views)

Tubular Video Ratings

Tubular Video Ratings are a unique group of online video metrics that set the standard for measurement of views and engagements across videos and publishers. They include a simplified first 30-day engagement rating (ER30) and first 30-day views (V30), and more information can be found here.

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