‘Apparently Kid’ took the interwebs by storm in August when he stole the show after being interviewed for a local Pennsylvania news station. His spot went viral (16M+ views at time of writing), and led to a much talked about appearance on ‘Ellen’. Quick to see the potential, Freshpet snapped him up to appear in an ad that has very little to do with the product it’s selling – it’s even titled “Apparently Kid’s First Ever TV Commercial” and it attracted 3,210,426 views in September to become the 8th most viewed video ad on YouTube in the U.S. He is adorable and it was incredibly savvy of Freshpet to strike while the iron was hot, although we can see the public tiring of the act pretty quickly – sorry Noah.

It’s business as usual for most of the other branded video ads to make the list of the most viewed for last month. Samsung heads up the chart with its official introduction to the Galaxy Note 4, and appears again at #5 with another official introduction, this time to the Gear S. Elsewhere, Budweiser, KLM, Gatorade, Apple, and GoPro pulled in enough views to make the Leaderboard, and we also saw the appearance of the first Christmas ad of 2014 from Kmart. The ‘Not a Christmas Commercial’, in at #7 with over 4.5M YouTube views, preps the consumer for the soon-to-be-here festive holiday season.

Every video ad in the top ten generated over 2 Million views, with the top 3 attracting just under 50 Million views between them. Let’s take a look at the ads that caught your attention:

Official YouTube Video Ads Leaderboard September 2014

#1 Samsung: Samsung GALAXY Note 4 – Official Introduction, 21,910,996 views


#2 Budweiser: Global Be(er) Responsible Day | “Friends Are Waiting” | Budweiser, 18,273,309 views


#3 KLM Airlines: KLM Lost & Found service, 9,653,681 views

#4 Gatorade: Gatorade | Made in New York ft. Derek Jeter, 7,295,256 views


#5 Samsung: Samsung Gear S – Official Introduction, 5,594,366 views


#6 Apple: Apple – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – TV Ad – Duo, 5,212,223 views


#7 Kmart: Kmart Not a Christmas Commercial, 4,531,582 views


#8 Freshpet: Apparently Kid’s First Ever TV Commercial – Freshpet, 3,210,426 views

#9 GoPro: GoPro HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K, 2,909,932 views

#10 Under Armour: Gisele Bündchen – I WILL WHAT I WANT, 2,323,429 views