Top Online Video Creators Across Social: August 2017

Before we dive into this article, take a moment to think about the billions upon billions of views audiences around the world generate just from watching online video content. It’s mind-boggling, and almost too intangible to imagine. What do those numbers look like, really? Well, for the month of August 2017, at least, it looked like 19.6 billion views from the top ten most-watched creators across all social video platforms (and they pulled in at least 1 billion views each, too).

The biggest trend in August was bigger and better numbers. Nearly all of the top social video creators around the world on this newest leaderboard improved their overall view counts, average 30-day engagement rates (ER30), and/or 30-day view counts (V30). These increases prove the dedication these brands have to delivering timely, relevant, and quality video content to their respective audiences across the globe in a consistent manner. Now let’s see just which creators they were…

Top 10 Most Watched Cross-platform Creators August 2017 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content.


Total Views: nearly 3.2 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at almost 3.2 billion

V30: 4.6 million, ER30: 1.1x

Key Trend/Video: UNILAD’s competition with LADbible to be the most-viewed video creator in the entire world continues, with the UK-based viral entertainment brand reclaiming the #1 position and bumping itself up from second place in July. UNILAD saw nearly 3.2 billion total views in August, roughly 98 million more than the previous month. During August, the majority of UNILAD’s top ten most-watched videos related to human interest pieces and short snippets about fascinating, unique topics like giant orb weaver spiders and wine weight workouts. The publisher’s video with the most views last month featured an expandable (and highly enviable), high-tech outdoor shed full of barbecue equipment, games, and a beer keg. Audiences threw 78.3 million views at the clip, with 74.8 million of them appearing in the first 30 days of its existence. The video also saw a slightly higher-than-average 30-day engagement rate of 1.2x.


Total Views: almost 3.1 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at a little over 3 billion

V30: 5.3 million, ER30: 1.0x

Key Trend/Video: For August’s cross-platform leaderboard, LADBible successfully increased its average 30-day engagement rate over July’s number by 0.1x to hit 1.0x. So what types of videos did the viral content brand’s audiences watch and engage with? It appears animal content was predominantly on their minds. Clips about a swarm of chickens coming to eat, a snake giving birth, a dog running in its raincoat, and a compilation of amazing nature and animal videos were all in the top ten for LADbible in August. The video with the most views from this month (a clip which also happened to be one of the most-watched across all Facebook-only publishers) is a bird’s-eye view of a humpback whale swimming through the Ventura Marina in California, trying to find its way back to the ocean. This awe-inspiring but sobering clip, whose description of “Intruder alert…” seems to be trying to lift the mood of the whale’s situation, generated 84.1 million total views, with 83.6 million of these appearing in its first 30 days.

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VT (Viral Thread)

Total Views: nearly 2.5 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at almost 2.5 billion

V30: 4.5 million, ER30: 1.0x

Key Trend/Video: Just like LADbible, VT (formerly known as Viral Thread) increased its ER30 in the month of August by 0.1x to reach the average engagement baseline of 1.0x. The UK-based brand from Jungle Creations media company, which also increased its view count by roughly 121 million over July’s number, continues to distribute the wildly popular type of video where animals fill in for people and describe specific situations; these often boast titles like “Me when…” or “When you…” For August, three of VT’s top ten clips took this format. Another three featured animals in general, too, which means VT’s audience really seems to connect with creature-based videos. Comedy is a factor at play with many of these, too, as the #1 most-watched video for the viral content brand was a comedic take on morning people vs. those who aren’t, using two chihuahuas to stand in for an alert person and a very groggy one. This clip saw 50.3 million total views and a high 7-day engagement rate of 1.6x.

9GAG: Go Fun the World

Total Views: just over 2.2 billion

Primary Source of Views: Other (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) at 1.2 billion

V30: 5.0 million, ER30: 0.9x

Key Trend/Video: 9GAG managed to increase its view count in the month of August by a solid 400 million views; the viral entertainment publisher also increased its V30 from 4.3 to 5.0 million, and bumped its ER30 a smidgen from 0.8x to 0.9x. So how did this all happen? As it turns out, 9GAG fans were eager to watch song and dance-based content in August; four out of the publisher’s top ten videos hailed from this genre. In addition, many of the other videos related to art in some form or another, whether that was an entrancing video about a pottery wheel or a clip about people posing like illustrations from artist Yuuki Tokuda. In fact, the #1 video from 9GAG in terms of views in August showed the making of a hand-carved Russian candle; this video raked in 57.8 million total views, with 54 million of these appearing in the clip’s first 30 days.

5-Minute Crafts

Total Views: almost 1.9 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at 1.3 billion

V30: 8.9 million, ER30: 0.9x

Key Trend/Video: August brought a lot of improvement to several publishers, brands, and creators on the month’s most-watched leaderboard. In addition to those already mentioned above, 5-Minute Crafts also increased one of its stats: the DIY and craft-based brand saw a V30 of 8.9 million, a 1.6 million increase over July’s 7.3 million V30. This improvement likely stems from the evergreen nature of 5-Minute Crafts’ content, which predominantly features helpful hacks, tips, and tricks for making viewers’ lives better or more efficient. These videos are great sharing bait, which can contribute to higher 30-day views. For August, 5-Minute Crafts’s most-watched clip with 42.5 million views (and a decent engagement rate of 1.2x) showed viewers eleven ways to make old items look new again:

Worldstar Hip Hop

Total Views: 1.5 billion

Primary Source of Views: Other (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) at almost 1.2 billion

V30: 957K, ER30: 0.7x

Key Trend/Video: Worldstar Hip Hop continues to dominate the digital video screens predominantly outside of Facebook and YouTube, which kept it solidly in sixth place across the entire world in the month of August in terms of video views. The dance- and music-centric brand also increased its view count over July by roughly 100 million views to hit 1.5 billion; its V30 also improved (from 906K to 957K). The most-watched clip for Worldstar Hip Hop hailed from its YouTube channel, despite the brand’s popularity on Instagram. The music video “G to the A” by Kodak Black and Jackboy saw 14.7 million views.


Total Views: nearly 1.5 billion

Primary Source of Views: YouTube at just over 1.4 billion

V30: 1.7 million, ER30: 0.8x

Key Trend/Video: Yet again, here’s another publisher which bumped up its data numbers in the month of August. Indian music and entertainment label T-Series drew in 100 million more views than in July, and also produced enticing content to the point where audiences engaged more often than they did in that month, as well (0.7x vs. August’s 0.8x). The reason T-Series continually lands on the top overall creators leaderboard is the nature of its content, which focuses heavily on trailers and songs from Bollywood films, a genre of moviemaking with a dedicated, ravenous following not just in India, but around the world. As such, it was no surprise when the song “Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12” from the Judwaa 2 film became the most-viewed clip for T-Series at 42.9 million views.

Bright Side

Total Views: just over 1.3 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at just over 1.3 billion

V30: 7.5 million, ER30: 0.9x

Key Trend/Video: Inspirational and viral video-based publisher Bright Side is a familiar name to the Facebook and top online video creators leaderboards. For August, the brand showed up again, reclaiming its right to be one of the most popular creators around the world. Bright Side landed eighth on this month’s chart with more than 1.3 billion total video views, having improved its standing by three whole spots since July. The brand’s most-watched video pulled in an astounding 238 million total views in and of itself, with solid V30 (228 million) and ER30 (1.1x) stats, as well. The clip in question showed viewers several different things they could do with an old t-shirt to fix it up or reuse it.

The Dodo

Total Views: nearly 1.3 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at 1.2 billion

V30: 3.3 million, ER30: 1.6x

Key Trend/Video: Ah, the enduring popularity of The Dodo, all thanks to animal- and creature-based video clips. Online video watchers around the world can often connect over their shared love of animals, an affinity Group Nine’s The Dodo obviously uses to its advantage. The brand saw an increase of nearly 100 million views on Facebook in August, as well as a 0.1x bump in its ER30 to hit 1.6x (a good 0.6x higher than average engagement rates). This month, however, showed a distinct trend in the brand’s content, where three of the top ten videos featured hurricane-related animal rescues or animals helping hurricane victims in the United States. However, it was an adorable clip about a pair of kittens swimming to a fishing boat for help that ultimately generated the most views at 55.5 million.

NTD Life

Total Views: 1.1 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at just over 1.1 billion

V30: 3.9 million, ER30: 1.0x

Key Trend/Video: To conclude August’s top online video creators leaderboard, we turn to NTD Life, the New York-based media company whose motto is “Sharing Humanity, Hope, and Freedom.” These topics resonate very well with the brand’s audiences, as it’s routinely in Tubular’s top Facebook and overall creators leaderboards each month. For August, NTD Life saw 1.1 billion total views, and saw its V30 increase from 2.3 million in July to 3.9 million, a difference of 1.6 million. NTD’s followers contributed plenty of views to fascinating human interest stories in August, but the month’s most popular video with 31.7 million views highlighted the intricate, colorful process of creating a pattern for the Indian art form rangoli.

Top Ten Most-Watched Cross-Platform Creators August 2017

  1. UNILAD (3.2B Views)
  2. LADbible (3.1B Views)
  3. VT (Viral Thread) (2.5B Views)
  4. 9GAG (2.2B Views)
  5. 5-Minute Crafts (1.9B Views)
  6. Worldstar Hip Hop (1.5B Views)
  7. T-Series (1.5B Views)
  8. Bright Side (1.3B Views)
  9. The DoDo (1.3B Views)
  10. NTD Life (1.1B Views)

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