At one point in my life, I would’ve thought 19.9 billion total video views in a month was outrageous. But the longer you’ve been in the world of online video, the more you know just how popular the media format is and how billions of views generated in just one month alone really isn’t that surprising. If you’re one of these long-time professionals, you also won’t be surprised then that the month of July saw 19.9 billion views across the top ten most-watched creators across all social video platforms.

We’ll determine which creators and publishers ranked so highly thanks to their hordes of video views, as well as why their particular audiences seemed to love what they were creating. Without further ado, here’s who took a piece of that 19.9 billion views pie:

Most Watched on Social Video July 2017

Top 10 Most Watched Cross-platform Creators July 2017 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content.


Total Views: just over 3.1 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at a little over 3 billion

V30: 5.4 million

ER30: 0.9x

Key Trend/Video: In July, followers of UK viral content brand LADbible seemed to prefer two types of content: videos surrounding nature and animals, and videos featuring human interest stories. Clips about the world’s largest parkour course, pigs playing in a lake, and a father giving his daughter a “roller coaster ride” in a plastic bin placed in the top ten for LADbible. Additionally, the two clips which generated the most amount of views for LADbible last month featured footage of an impressive storm system in South Dakota and a video of a bull elk attacking a photographer. The storm video boasted a higher-than-average 30-day engagement rate of 1.9x, and saw 66.4 million total views in July, with an average of 59.4 million views appearing in the first 7 days alone.


Total Views: almost 3.1 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at almost 3.1 billion

V30: 4.6 million

ER30: 1.1x

Key Trend/Video: This month, UNILAD bumped up its view count by nearly 4 million over June’s number to hit roughly 3.1 billion total views. The brand’s enticingly viral content was much the same in category and style to LADbible’s, covering a range of animal content, touching human stories (both publishers, in fact, featured the video of the father giving his daughter a make-shift roller coaster ride), and even short bits about unique food offerings. UNILAD’s highest-grossing video in terms of views was a short but entertaining clip about a kitten bopping a dog on its nose; audiences loved this bit of comedy, contributing 70.2 million views in July and generating an ER30 of 1.8x and a V30 of 64 million.

5-Minute Crafts

Total Views: 2.8 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at 2.3 billion

V30: 7.3 million

ER30: 0.9x

Key Trend/Video: Like UNILAD, 5-Minute Crafts increased its total view count over June by 5 million views to hit 2.8 million, which helped the DIY brand move up one ranking to place #3. The publisher also increased its V30 by a good 2 million average views per video, to claim the highest V30 of all publishers this month. A possible reason behind this success is 5-Minute Crafts’ dedication to a multi-platform video strategy, as its YouTube views (almost 306 million) and views on platforms like Instagram and Twitter (222 million) are higher than those generated by publishers like LADbible or UNILAD. So where did this boost in success in July happen exactly? Well, as the publisher’s name implies, most of the content centered around crafts and do-it-yourself projects, with videos about jean hacks, toothbrush hacks, and repair tips placing in the top three spots. The jeans video, which was actually the second most-watched video across all Facebook publishers in July, generated 250 million views, a V30 of 239 million, and an ER30 of 0.8x.

Viral Thread

Total Views: nearly 2.4 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at almost 2.4 billion

V30: 4.6 million

ER30: 0.9x

Key Trend/Video: A few elements were in play for the top ten most-watched clips from Viral Thread in July, but they all tied into each other. For starters, some of the most popular types of videos were the type setting up a situation and describing someone’s reaction — the “When you…” and “Me when…” types of clips. The second thing these clips all had in common (and there were five of these videos in Viral Thread’s top ten) was a comedic angle, and last but not least, three out of the five clips featured animals standing in for humans. One of the best examples of this mixture of story elements is in Viral Thread’s top-performing July video; it features a cockatoo opening a wicker basket to discover a cat, who promptly smacks the bird on the nose. The cockatoo simply closes the cover on the basket, and so appropriately, this video boasting 90.4 million views is titled “When you meet someone new and find out they’re rude.”

9GAG: Go Fun the World

Total Views: just over 1.8 billion

Primary Source of Views: Other (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) at 996 million

V30: 4.3 million

ER30: 0.8x

Key Trend/Video: As seems to be a trend with Facebook publishers in July, 9GAG also increased several of its key video statistics. For starters, it bumped up its Instagram views by roughly 59 million total views; because of this, the viral entertainment publisher’s V30 increased by a good 5 million extra average views per video. Surprisingly, though, the majority of the top ten most-watched videos for 9GAG in July were hosted on Facebook, not the publisher’s more popular Instagram account, which boasts 41.5 million followers vs. its Facebook account’s of 36.9 million. The #1 video for 9GAG last month showed a hair stylist using hair fibers to cover the bald spots of a man’s head; this video pulled in 18.3 million total views.

Worldstar Hip Hop

Total Views: 1.4 billion

Primary Source of Views: Other (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) at almost 1.1 billion

V30: 906K

ER30: 0.7x

Key Trend/Video: Out of all the publishers who routinely land on Tubular’s monthly Facebook leaderboard, music brand Worldstar Hip Hop is perhaps the most adept at social video marketing for Instagram and platforms outside of Facebook and YouTube. This was again the case for July, as nine out of the publisher’s top ten clips for the month were hosted on Instagram. But here’s the kicker: just like 9GAG, whose primary platform of choice seems to be Instagram, Worldstar Hip Hop’s most-watched video in July was actually from Facebook. That questionable 58-second clip shows two young people stealing drinks and a whole display of cookies from what appears to be a Subway; despite its questionable content, audiences generated 5.5 million views over the course of July.


Total Views: nearly 1.4 billion

Primary Source of Views: YouTube at almost 1.4 billion

V30: 1.6 million

ER30: 0.7x

Key Trend/Video: Indian music label and movie studio T-Series continues to do what works best for its audiences: provide plenty of compelling and exciting music-based content for its YouTube channel. In July, T-Series again pulled the majority of its views from this platform, with all ten of its most-watched clips featuring music videos, mixes, or other related tune-based content. In fact, the Indian publisher was the #1 creator on YouTube for the month, as well, with its top-performing music video “High Rated Gabru” generating over 62 million views total, with a V30 of 41.8 million.

NTD Life

Total Views: 1.3 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at 1.3 billion

V30: 2.3 million

ER30: 1.0x

Key Trend/Video: NTD Life worked its way back up the leaderboard ranks in July, passing ten other publishers to land at #8 with all of its 1.3 billion views stemming from Facebook alone. Six out of the brand’s top ten videos that month featured animals (overall, it seems publishers in July scored well when they used creatures in their content). Really, this content aligns well with NTD Life’s motto of “sharing humanity, hope, and freedom,” as animals are a huge part of people’s lives, joy, and happiness. So which clip attracted the most views for the publisher in July? That would be a bizarre video of the rescue of a goat who ended up hanging by its horns off of telephone wires; 64.4 million views can be attributed to this clip alone!

Food Network

Total Views: almost 1.3 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at 1.2 billion

V30: 3.8 million

ER30: 0.7x

Key Trend/Video: For July, Food Network’s audiences continued showing their interest in desserts and tasty treats, possibly thanks to all those end-of-the summer parties taking place before school starts up again. Out of the ten most-watched clips across all the publishers’ social accounts, eight related to pies, tarts, ice cream, eclairs, candy apples, churros used to make S’mores, and fritters. The remaining two clips featured comfort foods like smiley fries and barbecue sushi. Food Network fans contributed the most views (23.7 million of them) to a recipe for a chocolate-covered strawberry tart; interestingly enough, the ER30 for this video actually increased over time from 0.8x in its first three days, to 0.9x within a week, to 1.0x by the end of July (normally, engagement rates dip as online audiences lose interest the less new or trending a clip is):

The Dodo

Total Views: almost 1.3 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at 1 billion

V30: 3.6 million

ER30: 1.5x

Key Trend/Video: And here we come to the most animal-centric publisher of all July’s top ten video creators across social: The Dodo. This brand, which also routinely places in the monthly Facebook-specific leaderboard, claimed the highest ER30 of all publishers on the cross-platform leaderboard in July. Perhaps this is because the majority of The Dodo’s videos in that month not only featured animals, but animals in precarious or dangerous situations in need of rescuing, which seems to have triggered a lot of responses from the publisher’s followers. The most-watched video for The Dodo featured an elephant family rescuing a baby not from their herd; the touching and frankly astounding clip saw 67.6 million total views, with 44.8 million of these showing up in just three days’ time.

Top Ten Most-Watched Cross-Platform Creators July 2017

  1. LADbible (3.1B Views)
  2. UNILAD (3.1B Views)
  3. 5-Minute Crafts (2.8B Views)
  4. Viral Thread (2.4B Views)
  5. 9GAG (1.8B Views)
  6. Worldstar Hip Hop (1.4B Views)
  7. T-Series (1.4B Views)
  8. NTD Life (1.3B Views)
  9. Food Network (1.3B Views)
  10. The DoDo (1.3B Views)

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