As news and current affairs continues to be center stage across the globe, the Tubular Leaderboard of the Top 10 U.S. news creators for July 2018 highlights how digital first publishers, and the digital arms of traditional broadcasters, are generating huge views online.

Who is on the leaderboard? Well, there are four traditional television broadcasters. ABC News ranks #1 with 136 million views on YouTube and 389 million views on Facebook. CNN ranks #3 with 159 million YouTube views and 268 million Facebook views. Fox News ranks #7 with 69 million views on YouTube and 203 million views on Facebook. And CBS News ranks #8 with 34.1 million YouTube views and 170 million Facebook views.

There are three non-traditional television broadcasters. Inside Edition, a syndicated newsmagazine, ranks #2 with 424 million views on YouTube and 77.9 million views on Facebook. New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television, which frequently covers topics that are censored in Mainland China, ranks #6 with 3.2 million YouTube views and 381 million Facebook views. And the Al Jazeera Media Network, a Middle Eastern multinational multimedia conglomerate, ranks #9 with 2 million views on YouTube and 188 million views on Facebook.

Finally, there are three digital first publishers. NowThis Politics ranked #4 with 412 million views on Facebook. NowThis ranks #5 with 573,000 YouTube views and 370 million Facebook views. And Yahoo News ranks #10 with 129 million views on Facebook.