We’ve already had confirmation of the most shared individual video ads of January 2014, but how did brands fare generally last month, and what ads worked for them in terms of engagement and social buzz? Twentieth Century Fox won hands down with their film promo for ‘Devil’s Due’, in stark contrast to how the actual movie performed at the box office. The prankvert scored nearly 1 million more shares than its nearest rival, Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’. Talking of Super Bowl content, Duracell were the only other brand to appear in the top 10 for their top ad, ‘Trust Your Power’. Mercedes missed out on a top 10 spot by just 24 shares (126,605), while other brands to just miss out include: Coca-Cola (13th), Evian (15th) and Samsung (20th).

Only one brand, Volvo, stayed in the top 10 with an advert from the previous month. All 9 other contenders were brand new including major viral ad campaigns from the New Zealand Transport Agency, Omaze and P&G. The top brand for December, WestJet dropped out of the chart and down to 46th place for January.

Viral Video Advertising: Top brands of January 2014

#1 20th Century Fox – Top ad: Devil’s Due: Devil Baby Attack

Shares: 1,952,945 (Position last month: Not in top 100)

#2 Budweiser – Top ad: Puppy Love


Shares: 794,882 (Position last month: 69th)

#3 P&G – Top ad: Mom – Pick Them Back Up


Shares: 540,802 (Position last month: Not in top 100)

#4 Omaze – Top ad: Arnold Works At Gold’s Gym

Shares: 407,763 (Position last month: Not in top 100)

#5 Old Spice – Top ad: Mom Song


Shares: 371,861 (Position last month: Not in top 100)

#6 Duracell – Top ad: Trust Your Power, NFL’s Derrick Coleman, Seattle Seahawks

Shares: 318,387 (Position last month: Not in top 100)

#7 GoPro – Top ad: Lions – The New Endangered Species?

Shares: 301,731 (Position last month: 28th)

#8 NZ Transport Agency – Top ad: Mistakes

Shares: 295,669 (Position last month: Not in top 100)

#9 Volvo – Top ad: Volvo XC70 – Made In Sweden

Shares: 251,510 (Position last month: 7th)

#10 AXE – Top ad: Axe Peace – Make Love Not War


Shares: 126,629 (Position last month: Not in top 100)

Big thanks to our friends at Unruly for the data.