Welcome to 2018! Although we’re already a few months into this new year, we haven’t quite said goodbye to 2017. That’s because the last monthly installment of Tubular’s leaderboards covered the top ten most-watched brands and publishers on Facebook for the month of November, but we’ve yet to go over what December’s leaderboard looked like on that same platform. When we looked at this most recent chart, we discovered the most popular video publishers on Facebook generated just over 18 billion total views across their content for the last month of 2017.

Like most monthly Facebook leaderboards, December’s publishers performed so well there’s plenty to talk about in terms of their video marketing and distribution strategies. Here’s a quick overview of some of the accomplishments seen by these brands last month:

  • The top three publishers were 3-for-3, as they generated at least 3 billion views each!
  • Four publishers improved their positions on the chart by at least one spot, with two of them bumping up five whole spots each.
  • The highest average 30-day view count (V30) hit 7.8 million for one publisher.
  • Another publisher generated the highest average 30-day engagement rate (ER30) of 1.5x.

Let’s dive into December’s leaderboard so we can see exactly which publishers claimed these stats and try to determine how they got there!

Top Facebook Publishers December 2017

Top 10 Most Watched Facebook Video Publishers December 2017 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content.

The Top Two Trends of 2017

As we check out the last Facebook leaderboard from 2017, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about a couple of the trends in data which popped up over the course of the last twelve months. Many times, these trends give wonderful insights into why certain publishers performed the way they did, and help inform the video marketing strategies of similar brands on Facebook.

For starters, one of the most interesting aspects of Tubular’s monthly leaderboards from 2017 was how the top five Facebook publishers weren’t always the ones who generated the highest V30 or ER30 numbers. While this isn’t the case every single month, in general this theory holds true. And for some publishers, those V30 and ER30 stats mean more than landing in the top five. Views are, of course, a wonderful thing; they mean more eyeballs on your content and therefore more brand awareness. However, the smartest publishers know views are even more impactful when combined with long-term interest and viewing habits from their audiences, as well as direct and consistent engagement on video content.

Additionally, when we look at the types of videos published by the top-performing publishers in terms of views, the very clear and obvious genres which Facebook audiences like to watch are media/entertainment and viral content. This is why viral video publishers UNILAD, LADbible, and VT have mostly been in the top three positions month after month. But take note: not all of the videos published by these brands are original content. In fact, a lot of them are curated and borrowed from other publishers. In theory, brands similar to those mentioned above can experiment with curating viral content, so long as the content of the videos themselves are what those brands’ audiences want to see.

December’s Viewers Preferred Viral, Food, and Media Content

Speaking of UNILAD and LADbible, that battle royale from 2017 is still not over. The former publisher reclaimed its #1 position on December’s leaderboard, boasting an astounding 3.9 billion total views (4 million more than generated in November). This total figure is as close to the 4 billion mark as we’ve ever seen on the leaderboards, which means if the publisher can continue its recent upward swing in views, we could easily see it hit that 4 billion goal in January. Wouldn’t that be a great start to the new year for UNILAD?

LADbible has plenty to brag about, as well. With almost 3.3 billion views, this publisher claimed the second position in December. The viral video brand also managed to increase its V30 over November by roughly 100K views to hit 5.3 million. Interestingly enough, LADbible shares this exact same stat with competitor UNILAD (both have similar ER30s, too, at 1.0x and 1.1x respectively). However, LADbible’s best claim to fame from December is how its most-watched video generated 80.4 million total views, a solid 26.7 million more than UNILAD’s top clip. LADbible’s most-watched video was uploaded late in the month of December, so while there aren’t yet stats for its ER30 and V30, we do know it pulled in about 69.3 million views in just a week and generated an ER7 of 1.2x (unsurprising numbers considering the clip was a humorous “how to” video of a woman wrapping her cat for Christmas).

Now let’s look at the ever-popular publisher VT, which was the third brand from December to claim at least 3 billion views — almost 3.1 billion, to be more specific. These views helped VT stay in the #3 spot on the chart, a position the viral video publisher has consistently held since May 2017. Like LADbible, VT also increased its V30 in December by roughly 200K to hit 5.0 million. And proving yet again that the publisher is always nipping at the heels of UNILAD and LADbible, VT claimed an incredibly similar ER30 to theirs at 1.1x. The brand did place #1 in March 2017, so if it plays its cards right in 2018, it might be able to dethrone its two competitors again and claim the top spot!

As for December’s #4 position, that spot was firmly held yet again by Mexican media and entertainment network Badabun, which boasted nearly 1.3 billion total views. The publisher landed at #4 in October 2017 and hasn’t moved since, a testament to its rapid growth since August (when it was #10) and its ability to continue to draw in viewers with attractive content. Finally, we saw the BuzzFeed property Tasty jump an impressive five whole positions to claim #5 on December’s most-watched Facebook leaderboard with 1.1 billion views. The food-centric publisher also claimed this month’s highest V30 at 7.8 million thanks to rewatchable — and mouth-drooling — content like this one, its most-watched clip with 42.2 million views to date:

Animals and Food Claim the Most Average Views, Engagement

The final five publishers on December’s Facebook leaderboard did an excellent job at keeping their audiences engaged and coming back for more video content. Four out of these five, in fact, improved or maintained their positions from November, and one of them boasted the highest ER30 out of all ten publishers on the chart.

That highest ER30 honor goes to The Dodo, which saw an average 30-day engagement rate of 1.5x across its content from December. Those videos generated 1.1 billion total views to help the animal-based content producer from Group Nine Media jump three positions and claim #6. If you’re a long-time follower of Tubular’s leaderboards, this ER30 shouldn’t come as a surprise; The Dodo almost always claims the highest ER30 of all publishers on the monthly Facebook leaderboards, likely due to the extremely compelling and adorable nature of its videos. Who can resist some of those cute animal clips? The Dodo’s audience certainly can’t, as proven by its top clip from December which pulled in 55 million views and a V30 of 52.5 million:

Let’s check out some other interesting facts from the remaining four publishers on December’s leaderboard:

  • 5-Minute Crafts has been a long-time name on the monthly Facebook leaderboards thanks to its highly shareable and useful DIY, how to, and craft-based content. For December, the publisher landed at #7 with just over 1 billion total views. 5-Minute Crafts also claimed the second-highest V30 this month at 7.5 million, just a few thousand views away from Tasty’s 7.8 million.
  • UK news and media network Daily Mail maintained its eighth position in December thanks to more than 1 billion views, a spot it landed on in November after jumping five whole positions that month.
  • The publisher in December’s ninth spot is a new face to the Tubular leaderboards: Viral TRND. The brand, which describes itself as a “global provider of real-time, high impact, multimedia news and information,” jumped five whole spots in December after increasing its views from 746 million in November to 961 million in the last month of 2017. That’s an increase of 215 million views!
  • Finally, we come across Zoomin.TV VIRAL, and yes, the publisher distributes exactly the type of content it sounds like it does. Managed by the Viral Jump brand, Zoomin claimed December’s #10 spot on the leaderboard with almost 944 million views. If the publisher can keep up those numbers, it could easily see itself staying on the leaderboard or even moving up the ranks in the coming months.

Most Watched Facebook Publishers December 2017

  1. UNILAD (4B Views)
  2. LADbible (3.3B Views)
  3. VT (3.1B Views)
  4. Badabun (1.3B Views)
  5. Tasty (1.1B Views)
  6. The Dodo (1.1B Views)
  7. 5-Minute Crafts (1B Views)
  8. Daily Mail (1B Views)
  9. Viral TRND (961M Views)
  10. Zoomin.TV VIRAL (944M Views)

Tubular Video Ratings

You’ll notice some exclusive data in this month’s chart as we include Tubular Video Ratings, a unique group of online video metrics that set the standard for measurement of views and engagements across videos and publishers. They include a simplified first 30-day engagement rating (ER30) and first 30-day views (V30), and more information can be found here.

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