August 2017 was an interesting month, to say the least. For starters, one of the most amazing events in American history took place on August 21, when the total solar eclipse could be seen within a specific path over the entire contiguous States, an event not experienced in the country since almost 100 years ago in 1918. But in addition to the eclipse, the U.S. also saw destruction and tragedy when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, causing many deaths and leaving millions homeless and devoid of their possessions. In the same month, the entire world became more on edge than ever when the United Nations placed more sanctions on North Korea thanks to its missile and nuclear weapon tests.

Despite these events (or perhaps because of them… sometimes people just need to keep their minds off of troubling situations), online video audiences continued to turn their attention to content which kept them entertained and informed. Thanks to over 1 billion video views each (yes, each), the top ten Facebook video publishers in August pulled in a total of 15.6 billion video views. The month’s top ten publishers are strikingly similar to those from July’s, and that’s because the majority of them maintained their positions throughout the month. In fact, the top four publishers didn’t budge at all, with each one holding their exact same spots from July. But enough summarizing; let’s dive into who these ten publishers and brands were and how they performed last month in terms of video views and engagement.

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Top Facebook Publishers August 2017

Top 10 Most Watched Facebook Video Publishers August 2017 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content.

Viral Video Content Drives Huge Views

In July, we talked about how Facebook audiences simply can’t seem to get enough of viral content and entertainment on that platform. The social site is well aware of this interest, and is consequently pushing forward with original content and commissioning digital series from well-known creators and brands. It stands to reason, then, that the top positions on the monthly Facebook leaderboard charts will likely always be held by entertainment-related publishers.

This has at least been the case for UK-based viral content brands UNILAD and LADbible for almost as long as Tubular has released these monthly rankings. These two brands continually land in the top 1-4 positions on each month’s chart, and for August, UNILAD and LADbible held the first and second spots, respectively. With almost 3.2 billion total views, UNILAD maintained its top position from July, while LADbible’s 3 billion views ensured it wouldn’t get bumped out of spot #2 by any other publisher.

Likewise, Viral Thread (aka VT), a property of UK company Jungle Creations who specialize in distributing viral content, is another publisher continually on the Facebook leaderboards. This publisher, too, stayed in the same third position from July with almost 2.5 billion total views. And as mentioned above, the fourth position also wasn’t changed, where 5-Minute Crafts sat unchallenged in August with 1.3 billion total video views. Across these top four publishers, the most-watched clip hailed from LADbible, as it featured a humpback whale lost in the Ventura Marina in California. With 84.1 million total views and a first 30-day count (V30) of 83.6 million, the video obviously tugged on the heartstrings of and/or simply fascinated viewers around the world.

Finally, Bright Side helped round out the top five publishers in August by moving up one position to claim #5 with 1.3 billion total video views. The U.S. media and entertainment brand skyrocketed onto July’s chart after an increase of 808 million views helped it skip past 23 other publishers to land at #6. Bright Side’s most-watched clip eclipses even that the LADbible’s humpback whale snippet and pays tribute to users’ obsession with viral content on Facebook. The video in question (which is fittingly attributed to 5-Minute Crafts) boasts 237 million total views to date and features nifty ways to repurpose old t-shirts.

Entertainment, Animals, DIY, and More Viral Content Clean out the Rest of August’s Leaderboard

For Tubular’s Facebook leaderboard charts, it’s typical to see one or two outlier brands which don’t focus on something having to do with viral content, animals, or entertainment. In July, for example, pulled in 888 million total views thanks to its inspiring, touching, and just generally relatable videos aimed at the daily lives and struggles of females. In August, however, the “outlier” publisher on this leaderboard was still related to — you guessed it! — entertainment.

Coming in at #10, Mexican media and entertainment network Badabun saw just over 1 billion total video views in August. The publisher bumped up five positions on the leaderboard thanks to these views, which accounted for 93% of its total views in August across all Badabun social video accounts. The brand’s audience contributed 19.2 million views to an explainer video about the month’s solar eclipse, but the video which was most popular with the brand’s audience claimed 25 million views. However, it was definitely not the uplifting, funny, or happy-go-lucky type of clip you’d expect to be a hit with an entertainment publisher. This is because Badabun’s most-watched clip from August covers an investigation into the cleanliness of motels and warns viewers to avoid staying at them since they are often riddled with diseases, stains, and other questionable items left behind by previous guests.

Here are more highlights from the rest of the top ten publishers on Facebook for August:

  • The Dodo continued to hold sway over its viewers and therefore ensured its presence on August’s top Facebook publishers chart. With 1.2 billion total video views, the Group Nine Media publisher specializes in animal content; likely due to the universal relatability and love for animals, The Dodo claimed the highest average 30-day engagement rate (ER30) of all August publishers at 1.7x, a good 0.7x higher than normal.
  • New York-based NTD Life, a publisher which shares viral human interest pieces and inspiring video stories, placed seventh in August with just over 1.1 billion total views. NTD Life seemed focused on view retention for this month, as it increased its overall V30 by a good 1.5+ million views to hit nearly 3.9 million (compared to July’s almost 2.3 million V30).
  • 9GAG keeps proving it knows exactly what its audience wants (that is, the comedic and viral clips touted by its “Go Fun the World” tagline). In July, the publisher jumped two spots to land at #10, but for August, 9GAG moved up two spots yet again to place eighth with just over 1 billion total views.
  • Finally, First Media’s Blossom brand returned to the monthly leaderboard at #9 after going strong in May and June but falling off the July chart. In August, the craft and DIY-publisher increased its standing by two spots thanks to 1 billion video views. But that’s not the most impressive feat for Blossom; that honor goes to the publisher’s insanely high V30 of almost 51 million views. The next-highest V30 for August? A good 39 million views less. The Blossom clip with the highest V30 in August goes to “Brighten up your day with these 5 surprising hacks!”, which claims a whopping first 30-day view count of 178 million views.

Clearly, if your brand produces and distributes viral, animal, DIY, or entertainment content, you have a high chance of hitting it big on Facebook in terms of view counts. The platform’s users are primed to receive these genres of content, and month after month continue to prove they are willing to view, share, and engage with it. But it will be a cold day in hell before we expect to see any publisher land on a monthly leaderboard which doesn’t relate to any of these topics in some way or another.

Most Watched Facebook Publishers August 2017

  1. UNILAD (3.2B Views)
  2. LADbible (3B Views)
  3. Viral Thread (2.5B Views)
  4. 5-Minute Crafts (1.3B Views)
  5. Bright Side (1.3B Views)
  6. The DoDo (1.2B Views)
  7. NTD Life (1.1B Views)
  8. 9GAG (1B Views)
  9. Blossom (1B Views)
  10. Badabun (1B Views)

Tubular Video Ratings

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