There were over 16 million videos uploaded directly to Facebook in July 2016, generating over 232 billion views for around 3.5M different creators. But which Facebook video publishers were the most popular? The 'Most Watched Publishers on Facebook' leaderboard gives an exclusive look into the brands and social media stars who are generating the most video views on the world's biggest social networking site.

Most Popular: Top Facebook Publishers July 2016

UK based publishers The LAD Bible, and UNILAD, topped the rankings leaderboard for July 2016 with a combined 4.9 billion video views on Facebook.

The LADbible Group, whose properties are followed by half of all 18-24 UK men and almost quarter of 18-24 year old UK women, has ranked as the #1 most watched media property in Europe across all the major social video platforms. It has nine major content properties which include LAD Bible, SPORT Bible, GAMING Bible, and FOOD Bible. The brand as grown from a single Facebook page to a multi-channel, multi-brand portfolio which reaches over 500 million people a month.

The Most Watched Facebook Video Publishers

Top 10 Most Watched Facebook Video Publishers July 2016 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content.

Once again, the BuzzFeed brand scores highly on the video rankings, with BuzzFeed Tasty the most watched branded page for the publishing giant in July 2016. Over 600 videos were uploaded to Facebook under the BuzzFeed umbrella in July, with over 35 different Facebook pages generated a staggering 2.5B video views.

The most viewed video for BuzzFeed Tasty was this walk-through recipe for 'Sliders Four Ways' which' generated 112 million views, (82M in the first 7 days), and 4.2 million engagements

BuzzFeed and Food seems to have found its natural home on Facebook; the brand posts food videos very infrequently to YouTube, and has only briefly dipped its toe in the water as far as Vine is concerned. In fact, food and drink itself is one of the most engaged topics that BuzzFeed creates video content around. 23 of the top 30 most-watched videos under the BuzzFeed brand uploaded to Facebook last month were food related!

As well as foodie topics, news and current affairs content always does well on Facebook, as users turn to social media to get the latest updates on breaking events. At #4 in the rankings for the most watched video publishers on Facebook, is NowThis which calls itself "mobile news for a social generation". The news publisher is active on YouTube, and Instagram as well as Facebook, and in July 2016, it generated 1.1B video views on Facebook alone. Although NowThis uploaded footage of Pokemon Go shenanigans, environmental curiosities, and medical breakthroughs, it was this heartwarming video about one man's aim to help the homeless that was its most successful, with 59.5 million views (48M in the first 7 days), and 1.6M Facebook likes, shares, and comments:

Facebook Video and Original Content

Tubular's leaderboard of the top 10 most watched Facebook video publishers of June 2016 is a curated list of pages and brands. We feel that is a good representation of the type of publishers who are using Facebook as a hub to post either original or licensed content. However, it's fair to say that aggregators of video on Facebook are producing the kind of views and community engagement that even the top brands can only dream of.

Freebooting issues aside, Facebook accounts from David Wolfe, Skrollr and many others attract views in the tens of millions each month with the top 10 Facebook compilation accounts from personalities. We took an in-depth look at personalities on Facebook and how and why they generate so many views, comments, likes and shares, in this article.

Most Watched Facebook Publishers July 2016

  1. UNILAD (2.7B Views)
  2. The LAD Bible (2.2B Views)
  3. Tasty (BuzzFeed) (1.7B Views)
  4. Now This (1.1B Views)
  5. Vlechten Met Daan (939M Views)
  6. Playground (734M Views)
  7. AJ+ (704M Views)
  8. Nifty (BuzzFeed) (704M Views)
  9. Tastemade (650M Views)
  10. CH51 (645M Views)

Tubular Video Ratings

You'll notice some new data in this month's chart as we include Tubular Video Ratings, a unique group of online video metrics that set the standard for measurement of views and engagements across videos and publishers. They include a simplified first 30-day engagement rating (ER30) and first 30-day views (V30), and more information can be found here.

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