The thing about Super Bowl advertising is that it’s not really done after the game has finished.  Super Bowl ads have “long tail” possibilities, and get extra attention the next year, especially if they are particularly memorable.  And since most ads actually get watched more over time than in the initial burst, many people will be watching Super Bowl ads year-round.  Unruly has come out with their “Top 10 Most Shared Social Video Brands of Super Bowl 2013”.  Some of these are not surprising.  Some of the ones that didn’t make it are very surprising.

Unruly’s Top 10 Shared Social Video Brands of the Super Bowl

So these are “brands” and not necessarily the ads themselves.  Most of the brands only had one ad, so their entry into the top 10 comes based on that.  But one in particular, Paramount Pictures, is on this list because of a series of ads for several movies.

1. Budweiser

No shock at all, Budweiser is #1 on the strength of the “Clydesdales-Brotherhood” ad, which will likely play for years to come.  Greg Jarboe wrote all about it, including speculation into whether it was worth the money, in this article.

2. Ram

Ram took a similar tack, creating a dramatic ad featuring a classic speech from Paul Harvey, in the “Farmer” ad, which didn’t even have any buildup going into the game.  It just appeared, and riveted:

3. Universal

Based on crazy enthusiasm for the Fast & the Furious franchise, the big game spot for the SIXTH movie in the series vaulted Universal to #3:

4. Paramount

Paramount has four movies coming out: Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, G.I. Joe 2, and World War Z.  Those spots combined to give Paramount the 4th slot.  Here’s the Super Bowl spot to the highly-anticipated sequel to Star Trek:

5. Volkswagen

No stranger to Super Bowl success, Volkswagen made it again, only this time in the unfamiliar spot of being 5th.  They piggybacked on their 2011 “The Force” ad when they basically made something completely different for 2012.  Then, in 2013, they eschewed Star Wars, as we saw a button-down white guy talking with a Jamaican accent to try to get everyone to be happy.  This ad got a teaser with a bunch of YouTube tirades at its center, and then we got this ad:

6. Taco Bell

“Viva Mas,” with old people up to no good, having fun, with Fun’s “We Are Young” playing in the background, landed Taco Bell in 6th:

7. Mercedes-Benz

Kate Upton will do that for a brand…although I think Mercedes clearly hoped to land higher up in a chart like this.  Still, they came out of this getting talked about and shared, so it worked.  Here’s the extended version of their ad, “Soul,” which also has Willem Dafoe and Usher:

8. Jeep

Jeep also took the dramatic route, by creating an emotional military-comes-home-themed ad with “Whole Again:”

9. Pepsi

Pepsi had a bizarre, but hilarious commercial for Pepsi NEXT in which kids are going crazy at a party and the parents show up, only to be distracted by the less-sugary Pepsi being served at the party:

10. Go Daddy

Always making a Super Bowl splash, this ad from Go Daddy claims that the domain registrar/web hosting company is marrying “sexy” and “smart,” and then getting supermodel Bar Rafaeli and this nerdy guy to kiss, in one of the most talked-about Super Bowl ads of this year called “Perfect Match:”

Other Unruly observations:

  • Ram was the one-hit wonder of Super Bowl 2013. Despite not releasing a pre-game teaser in the build-up to Super Sunday and not launching their game day ad online until the day of the big game, ‘Farmer’ was the second most shared ad of Super 2013 (1,653,238), giving the brand the highest average share of any SB advertiser (22.4%);

  • Auto brands lost ground to CPG, with Volkswagen, the most shared Super Bowl brand of 2011 and 2012, languishing in fifth. There are four motors brands in the top 10 most shared;

  • Hyundai released 10 videos, which attracted a total of 28,248,717 views, but only 107,852 shares – a share rate of 0.4%;

  • Both Pepsi and Sodastream’s ads attracted more shares and views than Coca-Cola;

  • Wonderful Pistachios’ hotly-anticipated ad, featuring Gangnam Style star Psy, failed to perform, attracting only 57,284 shares, from its 2,702,749 views – a share rate of 2.1%.

A look at Unruly’s Super Bowl Viral Video Chart, including all the shares, views, and share rates:


We’d like to thank Unruly for their awesome stats!