We’ve talked about Socialbakers before.  They are a social media measuring group that can dissect the growth (or lack thereof) a brand can see across stuff like Facebook.  They also measure the amount of growth a brand has in their subscriber base on YouTube every month.  Why is this important?  Well, many brands can come out with an ad and be the toast of YouTube for awhile, but it takes consistent content to attract a consistently growing subscriber base.  A steady amount of subscribers shows you’re committed to creating new content, and, you benefit from having constant brand awareness.

Socialbakers Tells Us Which Brands Are Making Moves in the Right Direction

Marketing Charts took Socialbakers’ rankings and turned it into this chart:


It’s no shock that Red Bull continues to substantially increase their subscriber base.  They long ago discovered their audience and constantly, and I mean constantly, produce content for their channel.  People who like their stuff know where to go, and they often capture amazing things, like the Felix Baumgartner jump.  But mostly lots about skateboarding and extreme sports, which obviously has a huge audience and they tap into that every week.

Apple is going to get attention for everything they do, so any ad they put up is going to be big, and it’s no surprise they are on yet another chart here.

Somewhat of a surprise are video game producers Rockstar Games, which often provide trailers to their most anticipated games and get a lot of traction from those.  But they haven’t come out with a new trailer in two months.  It may go to show how much anticipation trailers for their games keep people subscribing even when there’s not always immediately new content.

In the same vein, you have Rovio Mobile, which I am shocked has over a billion channel views.  I totally missed that one.  But the minds behind the blockbuster “Angry Birds” always get a good amount of views based on news about upcoming games and updates.

But overall, if you take a look at these top brands in subscriber growth, it just goes to show that using video to get your message across is an effective way to build loyalty and inform consumers about your products.  Building a loyal subscriber base means you start getting a lot of people “in your corner.”  It doesn’t guarantee views, but regular content does give a good chunk of your audience something to anticipate when it comes to the products they love.

We’d like to thank Socialbakers and Marketing Charts for their work!