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The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: YouTube Review - Through the 'Reel' Wringer
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Through the Wringer is a new video series that breaks down the YouTube strategy content, marketing, and community strategy of the most successful brands and creators on the platform. This week, we take a deep-dive into The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’s YouTube Channel and squeeze out all the insights we can find to pass onto other creators and marketers.

‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’ is one of the most successful distribution platforms for NBC’s late-night talk show, with an impressive 7.5 million plus subscribers, and nearly 3 billion views. This channel excels at content, with ‘Lync Sync Battles‘ easily the most popular, generating 7% of current total views. #Hashtag videos account for 6% of total video views for the channel.

In terms of optimizing video content, the channel is doing a gold-standard job with titles, tags, descriptions, custom thumbnails, Playlists, and its end-slate. The subscribe trailer is also on-point, and has generated just under 5.5 million views of its own.

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