We had the pleasure of catching up with Brendan Gahan at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, where he was on the panel, “Content vs. Community: Which Is King?”  Gahan is the VP of Brand Strategy at Fullscreen.  While in San Francisco, Gahan gave us a few tips on how to get your video to gain traction online, which is the holy grail when it comes to online video success.

Here are the three ways to help your video gain traction online:

1. Identify Key Influencers

  • Search for people who are talking about the same topics you like.
  • Identify people you already know who are big in the space and see who they’re promoting (blog links/referrals).  With video, look who they’re referencing.

2. Get Influencers Invested in Your Content

  • Find a way for influencers to be physically/emotionally part of your content.
  • Physically: have them star in the content/collaborate.
  • Emotionally: getting exclusive access, content, insight that no one else has that they can share with their own audience.

3. Create A Perception that the Video Is Popular

Identify the 5-7 influencers that everyone within your demographic checks out every day, evangelizing your content to their audience, creating an “echo chamber” that builds the perception that your content is new, creative, and relevant to them.

brendan gahanBrendan Gahan is the VP of Brand Strategy at Fullscreen, the #1 independent YouTube network. Gahan oversees all YouTube programming strategy, channel management and video optimization for the world’s leading brands and media companies such as AT&T, Lexus, & Pepsi. Previously Gahan served as the Director of Social Media for creative agency Mekanism where he was responsible for creating viral marketing campaigns. In 2012, Forbes named Gahan one of the “30 under 30: Bright Minds in Marketing. You can follow Brendan on Twitter or his blog.