I find this incredibly interesting.  Time Warner owns HBO.  And yet, only now has Time Warner Cable decided to provide HBO GO.  Ah, details–Time Warner Cable doesn’t have anything to do with the huge Time Warner media corporation anymore and that’s why when Time Warner Cable negotiates with Time Warner it might as well be Microsoft and Apple.  Confused?  Also entering the HBO GO (and MAX GO) fray is Cablevision, which reaches parts of the Northeast United States and part of the Western US.  There are now very few cable companies that don’t provide HBO GO and very few areas of the country that can’t get it.

Time Warner Basically Allows HBO GO Into New York And Los Angeles

Time Warner Cable is a cable-providing beast in the US but its reach includes New York City and Los Angeles and so now, HBO GO is available to millions of people who couldn’t get it before.  As we talked about in the past, this is a dynamic service, one that provides pretty much everything HBO owns, like an exclusive Netflix.  It’s a service that is so good that Netflix considers it their chief competitor.  It’s also a service that is so good that HBO had to check their heads for sanity, and not all cable providers were willing to offer a service that allowed customers to watch HBO outside of their homes or on a computer.

But HBO decided that subscriptions, not DVD sales, were their bread and butter, and made it only possible to have it with a valid cable subscription.  So there are controls, but it makes it an incentive to subscribe.  Even On Demand services don’t provide full seasons, but HBO GO provides every episode of every season.  It’s pretty awesome.