If you’re a gadget freak like me then you’ll hold fond memories of the purchase and set up of your first mobile phone, or tablet or USB powered desktop football game. Of course, the more hotly the product is anticipated the more frantic the need for it becomes which explains the explosion of the ‘unboxing’ video phenomenon. They may be cheesy and dorky but is there anything more endearing than a real fan filming themselves unwrapping their new toy and uploading that footage to YouTube so the rest of us can live vicariously through their purchases until we get our hands on our own?

As it’s Throwback Thursday, I thought we’d take a look back at some of the first unboxings of those iconic gadgets we’ve come to know and love. Here they are in no particular order, there’s comedy gold to be found in the YouTube comments as usual.

1. Unboxing The First iPad / March 31 2010

I think Andy Ihnatko’s description of the early unveiling of the first iPad sums things up beautifully: “Yes! Is the marvellous epic glory of a consumer device being removed from its packaging! Brought to you in living color!” Highly entertaining – yoink!

2. Unboxing The First iPhone / June 29, 2007 (6PM EST)

How excited is this guy? Do you think he slept the night before the release? Do you think he had enough sugar that day? I love how pedantic he is about the less than perfect packaging.

3. Unboxing The Panasonic Super VHS unit / September 14, 1992 

Yes, I know that this video was technically recorded 13 years before YouTube even existed but look how happy this man is as he unboxes a VHS that’s bigger than his sofa (probably). We get everything in this video, the history of this man’s video recorder purchases right through to his hope and dreams of the future. No wonder he’s enthusiastic, he had to wait 3 weeks for it people!

4. Unboxing The Nintendo DSi / Apr 5, 2009

Despite the cheesy intro this is a fabulous unboxing video. It’s a whopping 20:43 long so you can imagine the extraordinary detail it goes into but ‘Itsmemorphious’ is a great host and it’s all relevant so it’s worth watching for at least a few minutes.

5. Unboxing Rock Band for the Xbox 360 / Nov 18, 2007

It weighs about as much as two fat cats don’t you know.

6. Unboxing The iPod Touch White / Oct 12, 2011

The narrator of this video has (to my English ears) a lovely rufty-tufty New York accent so it’s quite sweet to see how he handles the iPod touch so gently. Just don’t go annoying him by putting those Apple stickers on your car, ok.

7. Unboxing The Flip Mino / Jun 4, 2008

I still adore my Flip Mino and I remember being giddy with excitement when it arrived, so even though the quality of this video is dire it brings back some good memories.

8. Unboxing Google Glass / Apr 16, 2013

This man’s screensavers annoyed me so much I couldn’t last the 11 minutes of this unboxing video but fill your boots if that’s your thing.


8. Unboxing Of The (Stupid) Macbook Air

Not quite sure what Apple did to offend this man so much but he’s not impressed with his new Macbook Air and he certainly let’s us know that. Never mind him, watching this video gave me terrible anxiety.

Had enough? There not for everything I know so here’s some light relief.