It’s a Sunday so that must mean it’s time to take a look back at some of the stories and videos we liked from the past week. Obviously, the biggest story of the week is the fact that Grumpy Cat and L’il Bub finally met up at the Minnesota State Fair (Grumpy Cat was unimpressed I hear) but it was also the week that Twitter snapped up Social Data platform Trendrr and YouTube announced that they were retiring Video responses which got a lot of people very riled up. Read on….

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Everything And The Kitchen Sink Into Your Video Outro

So yeah, you know that thing about extending your video outro with extras to maximise YouTube watch time. That.

100% Of Internet Users May Install Ad-Blocking Software By 2018

We know that internet ads can be a huge source of annoyance to viewers and that advertisers are constantly testing ways to make them more user friendly. But will future developments in online advertising ultimately be in vain as more and more users sign up for ad blocking services like PageFair and AdBlock Plus? PageFair estimate that 100% of internet users will have installed ad blocking services by 2018 which seems wildly optimistic to me but unless advertisers make the user experience smoother and less meddlesome viewers are going to continue to take action to drown out the noise.

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Play Buzzword Bingo With Every Tech Video Cliche

While we’re on the subject of video content (see above) College Humour bring us the most overused platitudes in technology industry promo videos. In unison. While laughing!

Forget Amazon, YouTube Is Where Consumers Are Doing The Research

It’s hardly news that internet savvy shoppers are using YouTube to research products before they commit to purchasing them – there’s a reason why informational videos do so well on there. So how do sites like Amazon compete? By incorporating user generated video content into their on-page reviews? Encouraging YouTube embeds onsite? If a user searches for a product on a shopping site and leaves to find a video review of the item then that site – even one as big as Amazon – has potentially lost that sale. They need to understand the customer life cycle and the ways in which users are using the internet to browse and research the products they are looking to purchase before handing over their credit card details.

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Fine Bros Hit a Billion Views

YouTube Juggernaut The Fine Bros hit 1 Billion Views for their main channel this week and released a thank you video featuring some of the stars of the Elders, Teen & Kids ‘React’ series along with the presenters and creators of ‘My Music’ as well as Benny and Rafi themselves. Awesome achievement.

Made-For-Web Video Content Has Redefined How We Watch TV

Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and other VOD platforms have rewritten the book on how we consume content that was once the linchpin of the television industry. Saturday nights spent in front of the TV with the rest of the family are becoming a thing of the past when so many other platforms are now available to us. The viewer is the one in control and the one who decides what to watch, where to watch it, how to watch it and when to watch it. A new report from EMarketer predicts that there will be 204.6 million US digital video viewers in 2017, that 78% of internet users, 63% of the general population.

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If The Art World Had To Deal With YouTube Comments

This video from Buzzfeed has made me laugh all week. Naturally, trolls have something to say about absolutely everything…….


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