The Social Video Blueprint: A Marketer’s Guide To Social Video Success (Free E-Book)

A few months ago we brought you a 9-part series on social video marketing called The Social Video Blueprint. It was intended to serve as an outline of sorts, for companies and brands (and individualcreators) seeking to ignite their video marketing with a social kick.

Social video is basically the practice of creating video content that lends itself naturally to social media and sharing activity–what kind of video is going to solicit more comments, shares, likes, or forwards? And now we’ve taken that series of articles and turned it into a free e-book called The Social Video Blueprint, and you can grab a copy today… for free!

Over the course of nine weeks, we discussed and dissected “social video” to unearth the best practices–the common traits among video campaigns that were successful in promoting sharing activity.

Social video is about knowing the audience’s wants and needs from an entertainment standpoint, and delivering that content with minimal branding or messaging. If you hit the emotional sweet spot with viewers–whether you’re a business or just one guy–they’ll be much more engaged with your content, and much more inclined to spread the word about it.

The entire series is now available as a free e-book, and you can get your copy of The Social Video Blueprint today.

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It doesn’t contain any ninja secrets or magic beans… it’s not a shortcut to viral video stardom. But what it is… is a field guide outlining the structure and characteristics of a successful social video campaign.

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