Teens are a key demographic for a lot of brands and companies, so understanding what they are doing is vital to getting into their heads. Turns out, according to new research from Pew Internet, what they’re doing, is video based.

Perhaps more than any other demographic, teens have embraced online video with a full 27% of them recording and uploading it to the Internet. And it seems the older the teen the more likely they are to do so. Looking at adults on the whole it’s only around 14%, so it’s almost double.

Now that statement about “the older the more likely,” is a loaded statement because, for no apparent reason, they split teens into 12-13 and 14-17. The difference in uploading isn’t all that large, 21% of the younger teens versus 30% of the older ones. I suppose the difference is high school.

While boys were the first to embrace uploading of video with 2006 seeing 19% of boys and just 10% of girls doing it, those numbers have shifted drastically to an almost even split. 28% of boys and 26% of girls are now doing it.

Drilling further down shows that social network users are leading the charge. While they make up about 80% of Internet using teens in their report, 31% of them record and upload compared to 10% of teens who do not use social networks. So 10% of 10%, about one percent of teens record and upload but don’t use social networks. Facebook is they key it seems as 33% of its teen users do it while 11% of teens without Facebook do.

Twitter is another big online video pusher, or puller perhaps. 16% of teens use Twitter and almost half of them have recorded/uploaded video.

Social media using teens are more likely to shoot and share video.

Social network site users – who make up 80% of internet using teens – are more likely to record and upload video than teens who do not use social media. Broadly, 31% of social network site users record and upload videos, compared with 10% of teens who do not use social networks. Similarly, one third (33%) of Facebook users take and share video, compared with 11% of teens who do not use Facebook.

Overall, 16% of teens use Twitter. Of them, 46% record and upload video, compared with 24% of teens who do not use Twitter. It actually means that something like 6.9% of teens use Twitter and upload videos while some 20% don’t use Twitter or upload videos.

While more frequent visits to social networks equate to a higher likelihood of video creation, smartphones are a non-factor in it all.

There are no differences in recording and uploading video by race, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

As always the methodology needs to be poke at. There were only 799 respondents and the vast majority of them were 14-17, a disproportionate amount actually, 70%. A lot of the other socio-economic and geographic factors were more evenly distributed. Oddly, the Source annotation and the graph state different numbers of respondents 770 and 799.