YouTube knows that music is a huge part of its success–and therefore a huge part of any future success the platform hopes to have. In just the last few months, they’ve hired both Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to help promote Google Chrome, and just this week they overhauled their Music Page. Now they’ve recruited pop & country superstar, Taylor Swift, to do an exclusive Q&A with fans through the YouTube Presents program.

YouTube Presents has hosted some fan-driven video interviews with music stars in the past–like Duran Duran–but Swift is clearly the biggest star to do this to date–heck, she’s one of the biggest stars in all of entertainment, making this a nice “get” for YouTube.

Of course the singer has a history of being approachable and very fan-centered: she rewarded the “a hug from Taylor Swift” kids, donated a huge sum of money to relief efforts after last year’s Nashville flood, and even hosted a marathon (13-hour) meet-and-greet session with fans last summer. Now she’s taking questions from the YouTube community:

Fans who wish to ask Taylor Swift a question can submit it on her YouTube Channel, in text or in video form, by August 31 for consideration:

Some of the current questions include:

  • What is your advice to girls who are still trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do?
  • What college would you have liked to have gone to?
  • Of all the songs you have written, which is your favorite?
I’m thinking of submitting a question about her Vimeo channel (she has both a Vimeo and a YouTube channel), and what kind of difference she sees in the engagement, feedback, and conversation between the two video sites. Wonder if YouTube would let that question through?