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AOL Reclaims #1 Video Ad Property, Maker Back to #2 YouTube Channel

The new year has not started out right for the online video industry with numbers dropping across the board in terms of viewers, minutes and ads. But is this an actual depression or just the late winter/post-holiday blues for the online video industry? With the release of comScore's February Video Ranking numbers we can find out what's going on. We do know that AOL is the #1 video ad property site again though and that Maker Studios reclaims the #2 YouTube channel spot.

SpotXchange Top Video Ad Property in January According to comScore

January didn't quite compare to December in the comScore Video Metrix numbers, but it was still a good start to the new year. One thing to always keep in mind here is how comScore defines a video and the fact that Netflix isn't included in these reports. Still, SpotXchange did themselves proud and topped the video ad property list clearing AOL and the rest by a good margin. Google remained top site overall and MCN VEVO reigned in the YouTube Partner Channels area.

Viddy to be Fullscreen Branded Mobile App Now?

Supernovae explode, flare up and then fade quickly, so it's an apt name for the company formerly known as Viddy, which was just purchased by YouTube Partner and MCN Fullscreen. I go beyond the dollar amounts to look at what it could all mean for Fullscreen.

YouTube Rewind 2013: A Peek Behind The Curtain With Portal A

YouTube Rewind 2013 has already attracted 44 million views in 9 days for a video that revels in the most innovative and infamous moments on YouTube in the past year. We take a look behind the scenes with Portal A who created and produced for the video for YouTube.

YouTube Changes Ad Revenue Percentage Share, Big Partners Could Benefit

In order to attract premium content to the site in the past, YouTube have given the big broadcasting networks a much more favourable share of ad revenue. That's all set to change as YouTube are updating their advertising rate card to a flat 55% for all partners, no matter their status.

How-to Make A Living From YouTube's Partner Earnings

Earning a full time living from YouTube is a reality for many creators but what exactly does it take to reach that goal? We look at some of the revenue streams available such as ad monetization, paid subscriptions, sponsorship deals or a content partnership with a Multi Channel Network.

Know Your YouTube MCN: BroadbandTV

Multi Channel Networks, or MCNs, are a huge part of the online video industry and it's rare that you'll find a big time YouTube player that isn't affiliated with one of these partner networks in some way. This month, we take a look at one of the biggest MCNs, BroadbandTV.

The Ten YouTube Commandments

What are some of the steps to follow when trying to make it on YouTube? What things should you always have in mind when you're giving video a try? Follow these ten commandments to achieve YouTube success.

Want To Contact YouTube? Here's All The Info You Need

It's a sure thing that anyone that has used YouTube seriously, either as a creator or an avid user, has come across an issue with the site that they can't resolve on their own. YouTube isn't easy to contact but they do provide resources that you can use to get in touch, and we list them here.

Advertisers to Become Part of YouTube Partner Program

YouTube is announcing a partner program for advertisers. Set to take place in September, the pilot program will invite a few brands out to Los Angeles to learn how to create content specifically for YouTube. Pepsi, GE, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express will form the inaugural group.