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Pre-roll Ads Most Tolerable Video Ad Format [Report]

Yahoo! reports that 22% of people find pre-roll video ads acceptable. But is that an acceptable number based on the research? Half of the same audience also believes that ads should be more interactive, more relevant and that they should be given a choice in the ads they see.

What It Really Takes For Video Content To Go Viral [Case Study]

What are the mechanisms behind a viral video? JukinVideo opens up its YouTube analytics to help marketers and brands better understand the process of virality. They show ReelSEO just what it took for one video to attract 5 million views in 7 days.

IAB Digital Video Rising Stars Announced: Standardising Ad Units

The IAB has released the final version of their Digital Video Rising Stars Style Guide and Technical Specifications. The guidelines are designed to standardise digital formats for brand advertising, including video ads.

Endemol To Invest $40M In Premium Channel Network

Broadcasting giant Endemol, the biggest independent production company in the world, is investing $40 Million into a range of video platforms such as YouTube, AOL, Dailymotion and Yahoo. The company currently works with around 400 global broadcasters and they already have over 100 YouTube channels.
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Yahoo! to Unload Tons of Content All at Once This Fall

Yahoo! is releasing 8 new series (planned around their SNL sketch acquisition) on September 9, and unlike most web series, it's being unloaded all at once on that day. Yahoo! is launching 1,000 hours of content on the same day. It's the first time an ad-supported platform has done this.
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Cuteness Reigns, You Cannot Stop the Cuteness: Fun Video Friday

In this Fun Video Friday, we see a commercial for women made by women telling women exactly what they want in life: yogurt and birth control...all rolled into one...and don't forget that racial diversity! Also, the usual: music, comedy, and science make their regular appearance.

Meet The 'Kids' Behind Premium Video Content [INTERVIEW]

We talk to Jason Berger of Kids At Play, who have made web series on Yahoo and YouTube channels like LOUD and IGN Start, as well as creating social video campaigns with top brands, like Purina. What is the formula for their success?

YahTube? Yahoo Wants Video Back - Looks to Purchase Dailymotion

Yahoo are apparently in talks to purchase a majority share in video portal site Dailymotion. It's no secret that Marissa Mayer is a fan of video so a development in this direction was expected, but can they ever rival YouTube?