A Perfect Day For Zombies: Top YouTube Ads For October 2013

Dodge, Xbox, Pepsi and Virgin America all made the YouTube ads leaderboard for October 2013 for the most watched video ads of last month. Samsung appear twice in the top 5 with trailers for their Galaxy Gear product.

Throwback Thursday: Join Us In Unboxing The Past

Sometimes, the unboxing of a brand new shiny gadget is as much a part of the experience as the purchase and use of it, so it's no wonder that unboxing videos are so popular. On this Throwback Thursday, we take a look at the first unwrapping of some of the gadgets we know and love.

Apple Lose Out To Samsung, Xbox to PS4 in Video Ad Battle [Report]

Significant video shares across social media networks can increase brand awareness by 55% and increase the 'likelihood to purchase' by 103% but who are the real winners in the technology sector when it comes to video ad shares? A new report from Unruly takes us through the data.

Xbox Live YouTube App Will Change Online Video

This week there's a lot of little news along with a couple big news items, including what Mark Burnett is doing with his upcoming reality TV shows to make them ...

Why Is Xbox Live Now Windows Mobile 7?

This week ReelSEO dominates the news for the online video world! We're excited to launch the Sucky Video Awards, which is going to be fun and educational for al...