Google + Intel = Smart TVs Coming Soon!

There are rumblings afoot that Google and Intel are set to announce a new joint project in the Web TV arena. It's said to be a "Smart TV" platform according to ...

Video Widget Tips – Interview With Avenue A | Razorfish

Interview with Jeremy Lockhorn, Director of Emerging Media and Video Innovation Avenue A | Razorfish. Jeremy explains how video widgets are being used in business applications, and tips for companies looking to get involved in either developing or marketing video widgets.

Top WordPress Video Plugins for Video Blogs

WordPress bloggers are hosting and showcasing their video and audio files on their blogs in as many ways as possible. It is possible due to the availability of ...

Online Video API Services Being Developed

Here are 3 of the newest online video APIs available:blip.tvBlips API service gives video content creators free hosting and distribution along with an...