Video Sharing Increased in Q2 2013, Thanks to Three Big Ads

Video sharing increased 7 percent in 2013's Q2, according to a new white paper released by Unruly. Sharing in Q2 beat the Super Bowl-dominated Q1 on the basis of three out-of-this-world showings from the ubiquitous ads released by Dove, Evian, and Kmart.

Make Your Videos Contagious, Mental Floss Director Says

Mark Olsen of Mental Floss wrote a guest post on Shutterstock that gives five good things to consider when running your YouTube channel. Consideration for the audience is a prevalent theme through all of these tips, whether it's consistent scheduling or making good use of their time.
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A Humorous Look at 'How to Make A Viral'

It's interesting trying to figure out "how to make a viral video." Chances are, though, if you have "viral" in mind while making a video you're probably not thinking the right way. Anyway, here's a video from Hunka Wunda (and bonus vids from Daily Grace and Nigahiga) that tell you the secrets of viral video creation.
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Have A Strategy for Online Video: Video Marketing Tips

You've decided to turn to video for your business. Now what do you do to ensure that it does what you want it to do? You need to come up with a strategy. What kind of strategy? The one where your video gets seen, converts, and makes people loyal to your brand.
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9 Viral Video Factors to Keep In Mind When Creating Content [Creator's Tip #91]

There seem to be a lot of bullet points to cover when it comes to creating a viral video. While none of the following factors actually guarantee one, it's good to know whether or not your video has the potential to spread among the masses by checking out the qualities of past viral videos.
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Michael Shannon Goes Delta Gamma [Fun Video Friday]

The Michael Shannon video where he reads the infamous Delta Gamma e-mail is amazing. And so is Will Sasso's Arnold Schwarzenegger Vines all culled together in one YouTube video. And you gotta love Jimmy Kimmel exposing people who think they know every band out there...even if they're made up names.

Cat Vs. Vacuum And Loads of Bacon [Fun Video Friday]

Tons of videos for April 19, 2013 include a cat vs. a vacuum, super talented women, the Dove ad about "real beauty" and a subsequent parody of the Dove ad, Harrison Ford not wanting to talk about Star Wars on Jimmy Kimmel, tons of science, tons of cool...just watch these videos already.

The Top 20 Most-Shared Video Ad Campaigns For March 2013 - Pranks & Hoaxes

March saw an unusual amount of prank and hoax videos making their way into the Unruly Top 20 this past month, with brands even getting in on the act and pulling off some rather extreme prank videos. Leading the way was Pepsi's Jeff Gordon "Test Drive" ad, which even with tremendous scrutiny over its validity, is still one of the most shared ads of all time.

Now We Can All Create Our Own Dancing Pony Remix. Awesome.

Move over Harlem Shake, Socks the dancing Shetland Pony is set to trounce all comers in every viral video chart for the next few weeks. However, replicating a moonwalking horse isn't so easy for those who like to take a trend and run with it but a new remix tool lets everyone join in the fun.

Slow Burner “Wealth Inequality In America” Video Goes Viral

A 6 and a half minute long infographic led video is the latest to take YouTube and the social media networks by storm - despite being uploaded back in November 2012. It has turned relatively complex economic data into an more easily digestible format and is quickly dividing those from both sides of the political divide.