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Are You Ready for Some Football (and/or Soccer) Videos?

A look at football, the English way, and football the American way....and how videos kicking off their new seasons are trying to appeal to audiences. The two videos in question: An American Coach in London with Jason Sudeikis and Football on Your Phone with the Mannings.

The Cure for Videos Suffering from Television Syndrome and Viralitis

Brands often suffer from "Television Syndrome" and "Viralitis" when it comes to creating video, expecting the things that work on TV to work on YouTube, or shooting for a viral video when "virality" is more for entertainment value than brand lift. So what's the cure?

Honda Vine Campaign Triples Twitter Engagement

In one of the best uses of the app we've seen so far, Honda used Vine and Twitter to talk directly to their potential customers and drum up business for their summer clearance campaign. It resulted in a significant increase in engagement and some very clever personalised videos.

Video Marketing with a Coupon Mentality: Why This Shouldn’t Be the Approach

It seems like all brands need is a "viral video" and they'll have this video thing mastered. But showing your commitment to video, and finding a way to sell without selling, and creating a relationship with your customers is way more important than driving sales for a brief period or increasing brand recognition.

Father’s Day Videos To Make You Laugh, Cry And Wince

It's Father's Day so what better way to celebrate the handing over of socks, a case of beer and a homemade card to dad as you watch a selection of funny, cheesy and heartwarming videos that celebrate his special day.

A Humorous Look at ‘How to Make A Viral’

It's interesting trying to figure out "how to make a viral video." Chances are, though, if you have "viral" in mind while making a video you're probably not thinking the right way. Anyway, here's a video from Hunka Wunda (and bonus vids from Daily Grace and Nigahiga) that tell you the secrets of viral video creation.

Why this Video Producer Doesn’t Really Like YouTube [OP-ED]

If Youtube wanted to solicit any valuable information they would break down where the views are directed towards. As youtube continues to blossom, I feel less interested in what the company can provide to me as a hosting service for my explanatory videos.

7 YouTube Channels We Would Actually Pay For

YouTube have announced a pay by subscription option for the first time in their history but we'd like to take a moment to celebrate those channels that are still free but we'd gladly pay for if we had to. Let us know some of your favourites channels too.

Video Sharing Data Shows We Are All Bostonians Now

The Boston Bombings was an awful incident, and as usual, video was there. In fact, it played a key role in the eventual nabbing of the suspects. The videos on YouTube were shared all over the place and truly made people feel "one" with Boston.

The Week In Video: Hyperlapse Videos And Shippy Shopping

Another week, another brilliant viral video - this time from Kmart. Yes, that Kmart. We dare you not to laugh at least once, especially at the old guy on the bed. Our look back at the week's news in online video also has us drooling at the Phantom Flex4K camera and hoping the current price tag is a mistake.

Epic Videos From Epic People [Fun Video Friday]

We have a ton of epic stuff this week. How animals eat their food, Skrillex vs. Mozart, a 100-pound chocolate bar, Mystery Guitar Man gets stuck in a video game, there are epic ask-outs to prom and formals, Old Spice gives their usual cracked take on 80's soap commercials, CGP Grey talks about The Vatican. Are you not entertained? Watch these, you'll definitely be entertained.