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carrie coffee shop prank

ReelSEO Viral Video Of The Week: Carrie Coffee Shop Prank

What better way to promote your new horror film than to recreate the drama and tension right in the middle of a busy New York coffee shop. Sony have done just that with their trailer for the remake of "Carrie" and it's hilarious. Except for the unsuspecting customers of course.
poo pourri

Scarecrows And Snow Globes: Top YouTube Ads For September 2013

The top ads on YouTube for September 2013 are out and it's no surprise to see Chipotle's 'The Scarecrow', Poo Pourri's 'Girls Don't Poop', LG's 'Meteor Prank' and Motorola's 'Lazy Phone' in the top four. Key and Peele make a surprise entry at #8 for their Comedy Central trailer.
Viral Marketing The Science of Sharing

Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing by Karen Nelson-Field [Interview]

If you're serious about understanding the science behind viral marketing and like your research with a side order of originality and a deep dive into data sets then a new book from Karen Nelson-Field about the art of social video sharing should be top of your wish list.
brazil video

Unruly Launches Tool to Predict ‘Sharability’ of Social Videos in Brazil

Rio 2014 is only 10 months away and it might just be the biggest social media event yet. Unruly have launched a brand new tool that helps brands and advertisers predict how many shares their videos are likely to attract in Brazil - social media capital of the universe - before they are even launched.
mercedes chicken

ReelSEO Viral Video Of The Week: Mercedes Chickens

Mercedes believes that disco chickens are the best vehicle to promote their new suspension feature and who are we to argue? Their new video has already attracted 2.6 Million views on YouTube so it looks like they made the right decision.
tonight you belong to me

Fun Video Friday: Firemen And Kittens Edition

There are so many great videos around at the moment and we've picked our favourites for your enjoyment. There's everything from firemen rescuing kittens to Justin Bieber to Twitter musicals and plane crash supercuts. Enjoy!
popular youtube videos

YouTube Across The World: What's Trending And What's Unique To Us

YouTube is a global phenomenon so it's obvious that the viewing habits of users will differ wildly depending where in the world they are. A new tool from MIT tells us what's been trending where and which videos have an international reach.
ginger cat

Fun Video Friday: Unhappy Birthdays, Ginger Cats And Guitar Riffs

Science stuff, ginger attack cats, Cookie Monster and Unhappy Birthdays make up some of our favourite videos from the last week. We have picked the best of the bunch for your entertainment so grab that coffee, sit back and enjoy some of the footage that has or is going viral as we speak.
poo pourri

Fun Video Friday: Jimmy Kimmel Has Ruined Everything

We tread carefully with our pick of the viral videos this week. We assume they are the genuine article but you never know where Jimmy Kimmel will strike next....enjoy the serious Monty Python trailer, watch a guy fall for his wife all over again and find out all about Reddit.
the ellen show youtube

TV Shows Trounce Other Mainstream YouTube Content [Study]

TV Shows do fantastically well on YouTube for two reasons - they bring their audience with them and they have a golden supply of content that can re-purposed for the YouTube audience. A new study from OpenSlate shows us just how well the main TV show channels fare online.
twerk fail video

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Prank Behind Viral Twerking Fail Video

Comedian and internet troll genius Jimmy Kimmel has revealed that he was behind the recent 'Twerk Fail - Girl Catches Fire' video that has taken YouTube by storm over the past week. He let us in on the secret on his ABC show in a video about a video that's about to go viral itself.
Guiness ad wheelchairs

Fun Video Friday: Batman, Watermelons, Meteors And Spoilers

Prank interviews, super viral Norwegian pop videos, stop motion Batman & Robins and a round up of regional slang words make up just some of the most viral videos of the last seven days. We love the adverts from Guinness and LG but we are also a bit worried about our eyesight as well.
Peyton and Eli Manning in Football On Your Phone

Are You Ready for Some Football (and/or Soccer) Videos?

A look at football, the English way, and football the American way....and how videos kicking off their new seasons are trying to appeal to audiences. The two videos in question: An American Coach in London with Jason Sudeikis and Football on Your Phone with the Mannings.

The Cure for Videos Suffering from Television Syndrome and Viralitis

Brands often suffer from "Television Syndrome" and "Viralitis" when it comes to creating video, expecting the things that work on TV to work on YouTube, or shooting for a viral video when "virality" is more for entertainment value than brand lift. So what's the cure?