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Samsung Is The Most Socially Shared Video Brand Of 2013

Samsung is the overwhelming winner in the most shared social video brands of 2013. GEICO and their Hump-Day camel come in second, with Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" a close third. We also loved campaigns by Kmart, Evian and Pepsi - but not Coca Cola.

Do A Happy Dance, The First Godzilla Trailers Are Here

Online video marketing is an essential part of any movie promotion these days and the first trailers have just been released for the new Godzilla movie, even though it's not due in cinemas until May 2014. Expect many more of these from Warner Bros.

Fun Video Friday: Benedict Cumberbatch And Christmas Mash-Ups

Welcome to Fun Video Friday. where we learn that the secret to a successful viral video is laughing babies, people falling, hot ladies, sleeping puppies, dancing babies, kittens and monkeys. Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch does R. Kelly.

Best Vimeo Videos of November 2013

Vimeo may not be as big as YouTube but it's home to some amazing video content and we take a look at some of our favorites from last month including the making of The Bear and The Hare, the differences in language and accents across the States, and a retrospective on the JFK assassination.

Viral GoldieBlox Video Sparks Copyright Claim From Beastie Boys

GoldieBlox and The Beastie Boys are locking legal horns over the use of the track "Girls" in a video which has notched up 7.4 million views in under a week. GoldieBlox claim the song is used as a parody so it falls under Fair Use but the group disagree and are claiming copyright infringement.

ReelSEO’s Viral Video Of The Week: Kmart’s “Show Your Joe”

Kmart have annoyed a section of their customer base yet again this year with their new Christmas ad that features men in boxer shorts dancing out the tune to "Jingle Bells" with some slick hip action. Kmart are refusing to pull the ad which has already attracted nearly 10 million views in 5 days.

The Top 20 Most Shared Video Ads of 2013

Dove, GEICO, Evian, Kmart and Budweiser all rank amongst the most shared video ads of 2013 but there are also some surprises in the list such as the appearance of Volvo and their Jean-Claude Van Damme splits routine which has already attracted 1.82 million shares only 8 days after its release.

Fun Video Friday: Pretend Pumpkin And Stachedancing

We have dancing moustaches, YouTube spoilers, opportunist cats, the truth about pumpkin flavoured things, tissue animals and all you ever needed to know about farting in our round up of our best videos for you this week.

Most Viewed YouTube Ads In Brazil October 2013

The online video market in Brazil is one of the fastest growing in the world, and Brazilians are the second largest group of YouTube and Facebook users. We take a look at the 10 most shared video ads in Brazil for October 2013.

Fun Video Friday: Fireworks And Video Games

We have Halloween candy trauma and very rude fireworks along with a look back at some old timey video games and consoles in our round up of our best videos for you this week. We also have buddy cops and tearful reunions and unwatchable pregnancy announcements.

We Could Watch These Cat Videos Forever… No, Seriously

Everyday is cat day at ReelSEO but as it's officially 'National Cat Day' today we are bringing all of our favourite cat videos together in one place. There's Keyboard Cat of course, and Surprised Cat but we had to bump Nyan Cat in favour of that one that's always stalking. Sorry Nyan Cat.

Fun Video Friday: Moustaches, Nerds And Candy

It's Friday and that means we have the best round up of viral, nerdy, funny and interesting videos from the past 7 days for you to enjoy. You don't have to watch the one about parasites, we promise.