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Fun Video Friday: Muppets and Bad, Bad Internet Cats

Want to see some of best videos of the past 7 days - that don't include Devil Attack Baby? Then you're in luck as we bring you the truth behind those internet cats you love so much, show you behind the scenes at Google Search and see what really happened when BatKid took to the streets of San Francisco.
devil baby attack

Devil Baby Attack: ReelSEO's Viral Video of the Week

Many have sounded the death knell to the prankvertising campaign but a new ad to promote the 'Devil's Due' movie, has already attracted over 22 million views in 2 days and has spread like wildfire across social media.

Procter and Gamble Launches ‘Pick Them Back Up’ Ad Campaign

Proctor and Gamble's new worldwide feelgood ad campaign has gone viral, just in time for the 2014 Winter Olympics, where they are also setting up a base to support the families of Olympians in Sochi. But it's moms who really get the special treatment in “Pick Them Back Up”.
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Fun Video Friday: Monty Python, Etch-a-Sketch and Headaches

Always wanted to know some true facts about the armadillo, or see just how bad your head can hurt after watching a video, or perhaps look on with envy as someone creates a story on an Etch-a-Sketch better than you ever will? It's Fun Video Friday time!
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CinemaSins: Behind the Reel with YouTube Masters of Sin [Interview]

CinemaSins have had phenomenal success on YouTube within the past 12 months, and they are our special guests on this week's "Behind the Reel". We talk to them about their love of movies, the creative process and what's really made a difference for them on YouTube.
youtube rewind 2013

YouTube Rewind 2013: A Peek Behind The Curtain With Portal A

YouTube Rewind 2013 has already attracted 44 million views in 9 days for a video that revels in the most innovative and infamous moments on YouTube in the past year. We take a look behind the scenes with Portal A who created and produced for the video for YouTube.
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Most Viewed YouTube Ads In Brazil November 2013

With the 2014 World Cup only months away, it's no surprise that four out of the top ten watched video ads in Brazil last month were soccer related. Veteran rock legend David Bowie's appearance for Louis Vuitton takes the number one spot though, with his Venetian Ball extravaganza.
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42 Of The Most Important Online Video Posts Of 2013

2013 was an incredible year for online video marketing, advertising, broadcasting and creativity. Of course, we've covered all the major developments and brought you the tips, tricks, news, views and innovation over the last 12 months. Here are some of our top stories.
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Fun Video Friday: Amazing Facts About Grumpy Cats

There's a Christmassy theme for this week's pick of our favorite videos. Grumpy cat stars in an ad that will benefit rescued cats across America with every view, plus there's a mouse decorating a teeny Christmas tree. No, really. And we celebrate along with everyone who hates the festive season.

What It Really Takes For Video Content To Go Viral [Case Study]

What are the mechanisms behind a viral video? JukinVideo opens up its YouTube analytics to help marketers and brands better understand the process of virality. They show ReelSEO just what it took for one video to attract 5 million views in 7 days.
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YouTube's Top Trending Videos And Video Ads of 2013

YouTube have released their top trending ads and videos of 2013 and it includes almost all the ones you would expect - from Harlem Shake to Van Damme's splits to those dancing Evian babies. In the top ten trending videos, three branded ads make the list for the first time.
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Samsung Is The Most Socially Shared Video Brand Of 2013

Samsung is the overwhelming winner in the most shared social video brands of 2013. GEICO and their Hump-Day camel come in second, with Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" a close third. We also loved campaigns by Kmart, Evian and Pepsi - but not Coca Cola.

Do A Happy Dance, The First Godzilla Trailers Are Here

Online video marketing is an essential part of any movie promotion these days and the first trailers have just been released for the new Godzilla movie, even though it's not due in cinemas until May 2014. Expect many more of these from Warner Bros.