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Is Your Video A Vehicle or A Destination?

I had a really interesting and occasionally heated discussion with a client today about the purpose of video, and I thought it was worth a broader discussion. ...

YouTube Video SEO Tips From SES Chicago

Panelists on the Video Search Engine Optimization session for Search Engine Strategies Chicago conference and Expo – Gregory Markel, Greg Jarboe, and Steve Espi...

Video Analytics Essentials In A Web 2.0 World

As investment in video-based content and advertising grows, measurement of that video content requires better measurement distinctions than what traditional we...

Video Widget Tips – Interview With Avenue A | Razorfish

Interview with Jeremy Lockhorn, Director of Emerging Media and Video Innovation Avenue A | Razorfish. Jeremy explains how video widgets are being used in business applications, and tips for companies looking to get involved in either developing or marketing video widgets.