VideoEgg, the leading video ad network for online communities, has
developed an extensive audience network that connects brands and
content owners with people through an invitation-based rich media
approach to advertising. An advertising innovator, VideoEgg was the
first to commercialize interactive advertising overlays onto video, an
approach that is being widely adopted by the industry. The Eggnetwork
is composed of more than 200 top video and gaming sites, social
networks and applications, bringing outstanding consumer reach and
engagement to its advertising partners. 

VideoEgg – Overview and History of VideoEgg

VideoEgg Inc. was formed in 2005 by three Yale University students David Lerman, Matt Sanchez and Kevin Sladek. VideoEgg is a web-based publishing service that ...

List of Major Video Search Engines and Summaries

When the World Wide Web was first conceptualized by Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee at CERN, he might never have thought that one day his gift to the mankind would...