video strategies

How To Test The Success Of Your Video Before You Publish It

In this week's Creator's Tip we let you into a little secret that may save you a lot of time, effort and money down the road. Testing your video content before uploading to the public is a fantastic way of getting the feedback you need to make that content perform as well as it can.

Action! Making Memorable Marketing Videos for the Holidays

The battle to win the hearts and minds of shoppers in the festive season is ferocious. How do you make your video ads stand out so they engage the viewer and drive those all important sales for Christmas?

Neuromarketing: How To Use Science To Beat Your Competitors

Many brands are testing out video content based on the idea of neuromarketing, that's marketing that triggers the kind of brain activity that will lead to a desired behavior, like buying a product. We take a look at some examples.

Machinima And Poptent Continue Creative Crowdsourcing Partnership

Machinima, the top YouTube gaming network in the world with over 2 billion video views per month, have already used Poptent to create a very successful internal eBay marketing campaign and now they plan to extend that partnership to cover other projects.

Local Video Optimization and Production Tips For International Marketers

If you are rolling out a video campaign in different international markets then you'll need to consider how to optimize your content for those local regions. We bring you some useful tips, particularly for audio, which should ensure you reach your target audience.

How Video Content Appeals To Different Personality Types

Want to reach out to people and engage them with video? There are four basic personality types and understanding these and what makes them tick, can help guide you in the creation of the right content to appeal to at least one of them.

How to Build a Top-Notch YouTube Commerce Strategy that Drives Sales

A good video marketing strategy will help you gain visibility in your field, an amazing video marketing strategy has the ability to transform your brand and drive huge sales of your product or service. We take a look at real life examples.

Are Long Form Videos Really That Good For Business?

Short form videos are all the rage these days thanks to Vine, Instagram and tighter budgets but does that mean they are really any better? We take a look at the case for the long form video and why it still might be the right format for your business.

Beyond YouTube: 7 Steps to Making Online Videos Deliver [Strategy]

Marketers and brands always have high hopes for their video strategy but what happens when no one visits your YouTube channel or watches that video you poured your heart and soul and budget into. We take a look at how video should be leveraged as part of a wider marketing campaign.

How Video Strategies Are Affected By Old Media vs. New Media

The old media vs. new media debate rages on. But what's important to note when marketing for new media is that, despite it's similarities to old media, it's a completely different animal and should be treated as such. Old media is for the most part passive, while new media is more active.