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5 Essential Steps to Boost Your Viral Video Marketing Strategy

The process of creating a successful branded video, one that has the potential to go viral, doesn't have to be based on pure chance. The key is to have a systematic plan that uses engagement, timing, distribution, and strategy to build the initial audience of your video. We give you five essential tips to boost your video marketing strategy.

Why YouTube Views Clampdown Benefits Advertisers

Late last year, YouTube changed their algorithm to thwart companies that send traffic to YouTube videos for a fee. So, how are video seeding companies affected by YouTube’s clampdown? And why is it a plus for advertisers?

Old Spice Launches Mr. Wolfdog Who Will Seduce Us With His Marketing

It's been a while since we heard from Old Spice but they are back with a video campaign for their new Wild Collection. It's kinda low key, just the new Director of Marketing telling us about his role. But, give it a look, you may like it........
Social Video vs. Viral Video

Move Over Viral, We’ve Entered the Age of Social Video

As social video becomes of more prominence in online video buys and of increasing interest to brands in all verticals, it seems helpful to have a full look at the current landscape of social video, its players, buying tactics, strategies, results from social video campaigns, as well as what's on the horizon for social video.

Look At Your Viral Video, Now Look Back At Mine – What Helps Old Spice Succeed?

Christmas 2011 brought the welcomed return of the Old Spice Man, in his new re-incarnation as MANta Claus. MANta Claus, played once again by Isaiah Mustafa – the former NFL player turned actor – was on a holiday campaign to give a gift to every single person on the planet. All 7 billion of us. Now, that's some mission.So apart from the great content what has led to the success of Old Spice's marketing plan?