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Learn all about using video in email. Video email marketing, HTML5 video email, how to create video email animated gifs, etc… Marketers are integrating video email marketing into their email marketing campaigns so learn what you can about video email.

Three Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Mobile

To get the most out of your video marketing, you need to discover where your target audience is and hang out in the spaces where they get their resources and information. Much of that audience will browse the web on mobile devices throughout their day, so you need to ensure that every video campaign you create can be viewed properly on every device size.

How To Increase the CTR of Videos in Email Using Animated GIFS

As a video marketer, that might entail creating some email marketing that includes video content. On today's Creator's Tip, we give you a very simple tip to help you increase the click-through rate (CTR) on those video emails.

Most Effective Online Video Marketing Channels Not Always Most Obvious [REPORT]

So what do you think is the most effective online video marketing channel? Are you stuck in a company where you're using channels you think aren't effective? You wouldn't be alone as this new report shows vast discrepancies in what companies are using versus what they think most effective. Do you agree with these results or do you have different experiences in the workplace?

Video Email Marketing: Effective And Easy To Implement

Incorporating video within your marketing emails has never been easier. The technology has advanced to make implementation a very simple process that any company can employ. You can even use a smartphone to record your clips!

Video Email Marketing Best Practices for E-Commerce – Video Email?

Grant Crowell covers the panel, "Integrating Video into Your Email Marketing Strategy," at the 2010 Video Commerce Summit in Seattle, sponsored by Liveclicker. Learn from the industry experts on best practices for doing video in email marketing and integration of video into retail e-mails, and I tackle the big question: Is video in most email marketing programs really "video?"

Video Email Marketing Advances With HTML5 Video

These days, it's not just web video publishers who are marching to the HTML5 drumbeat.  Email marketers want in on the game, too.  We've covered email video mar...